Need an actionable Facebook Ads talk on your conference?

Finding a good speaker on the topic of Facebook Ads can be extremely difficult. It’s like finding a good avocado. Most of them look good at first glance. But upon further examination just a couple of them are perfectly ripe.

Hi. I’m Mojca. I’m not the biggest fan of avocado, but I sure know a lot about Facebook Ads.

Here’s how it went down

  • May 2013: Lost my job at an advertising agency and went on my own. Because why not.

  • June 2013: Established my boutique social media agency called Super Spicy Media and started growing my business from scratch.

  • July 2013: Replaced my previous agency income.

  • September 2015: Gave my first international talk in Czech Republic.

  • September 2015: Had my first speaking gig in the United States.

  • November 2015: Wrote and launched my first book: Facebook Ads Manual: Everything you need to know to get started.

  • June 2016: Decided to specialize for Facebook Advertising.

  • December 2017: Successfully concluding my first 6-figure year.

  • August 2018: Successfully launched my video course: The Science of Facebook Ads.

During all these years I gave 10 conference presentations worldwide while all the time working hand-in-hand with conference organizers to deliver personalized talks based on the audience’s needs.

International conferences I spoke at

  • 2015: BabelCamp, Czech Republic

  • 2015: Double Your Freelancing Conference, United States

  • 2016: BaconBiz, United States

  • 2016: Double Your Freelancing Conference, Sweden

  • 2017: FemtoConf, Germany

  • 2017: SeanWes Conf, United States

  • 2017: Double Your Freelancing Conference, Sweden

  • 2017: MicroConf, Portugal

  • 2018: FemtoConf, Germany

  • 2018: MicroConf, United States

Speaking Topics

Since I’m an expert on Facebook Advertising, my talks revolve around the following topics:

  • How to launch and scale your business with Facebook Ads,

  • Developing ad visuals that engage and ad copy that converts,

  • Finding your target audience with advanced targeting strategies,

  • Facebook sales funnel that anyone can implement.

I always take time for conference attendees after each talk I give. While they usually like different aspects of my presentation, there has always been a common thing that I hear every. single. time:

“Your talk was so actionable! Wish all of the talks were like that.”

My goal is for an attendee to launch their first profitable Facebook Advertising campaign a week after the conference. Not just because they would be hyped up to do so, but because I have provided them with an actionable plan that’s ready to implement.

Your pet peeve: People looking at their phones

You know the feeling of dread when as a conference organizer you look across the room and most of the attendees are on their phone? You can forget about that when I’m on the stage.

Besides my knowledge, I always bring my energy to the table. I heard it’s infectious, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I’ll have a cup of black coffee in the morning and I’ll give your attendees an energetic, focused, and highly-actionable talk they deserve. And nothing else.

I feel like I could put Mojca on a stage and not worry about anything. It feels like working with a pro. She knows what she’s talking about and communicates it well. She’s extremely energetic, has a commanding stage presence, and easily captures the attention of an audience.
— Mike Taber, MicroConf

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