Facebook Advertising is Frustrating.

There’s nothing more discouraging than getting absolutely no traction from your newly created Facebook Advertising Campaign. Despite all the efforts you put into developing it, it seems like you just can’t win.

You end up spending hundreds of dollars and countless hours of your time for zero results with Facebook Ads.

But the worst of all is not knowing what you did wrong! Was it the copywriting? Or bad targeting? Both?! Or maybe something else?

So when you think about creating a new Facebook Advertising Campaign, you get immediately frustrated with only thinking about it. It’s now obvious to you there are so many ways you can ruin your Facebook Advertising campaign.

The only problem is not knowing the secret recipe. How can you make it right, avoid all the traps and rather invest your money and time into something that will bring tangible results, such as new leads, sales, customers?

Yes, Facebook Advertising is frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be.

Imagine opening up Facebook Ads Manager and not being lost anymore. Instead, you’ll immediately know which steps to take next because it’s all a set of logical decisions and not gut feelings and shooting blanks like you did before.

Imagine those instructions being so clear and understandable, you’d be getting new leads, customers and sales in no time. And when you obtain that knowledge, you’d be able to recreate those results for every campaign you launch.

Imagine having a list of all the hidden traps of Facebook Advertising. Instead of falling for them you’re avoiding them like a hero and making the best decision from step 1.

Imagine not spending weeks reading about effective Facebook Advertising, but instead having everything you need to know delivered directly to you.

Imagine having a guidance. Someone you can talk to about this frustrating thing that has been bothering you for months. Someone that not only listens but helps with your problems from their experience.

This is not a fairytale. This is something available to you for free. Today.

I have an offer you can't refuse.

After working with countless clients on their Facebook Advertising Campaigns, I saw an emerging pattern:

  • They wanted to create their Facebook Ads Campaign by themselves, so they researched a little bit and went to work.
  • They were incredibly confused by all the features and options Facebook Ads Manager had to offer. But they somehow managed to finish their campaign. How hard can it be?
  • The results were always terrible. No new leads, no conversions, nothing.
  • They didn’t know what they did wrong. Maybe they tried with a different approach one more time but eventually gave up.

Sounds familiar?

There’s a catch.

I did my research and pulled together their results. What I found out is their failure was usually a part of the five reasons why Facebook Ads fail. The funny part? There was always a way to avoid that, but they just didn’t see it.

I created a new email course that reveals those five reasons Facebook Ads fail and helps you avoid them every time with a few simple steps and techniques.

If you never got any real traction from Facebook Ads Campaign and you wondered where you went wrong, this email course is just for you.

Besides talking about the five reasons why Facebook Ads fail and how to avoid those traps, you’re going to learn about retargeting your audience, writing a killer copy for your ad, techniques that will get you new leads and conversions.

See what people have to say ...

There are a lot of so-called Facebook Ads gurus out there that have no actual results to show you. Marketers can be hard to trust. That’s why I have these testimonials to back up with:

Just optimized my Facebook Ads the Mojca Mars’ way. Cut costs by 40%. The results we got from working with Mojca were phenomenal - we got 14,930 Facebook Page likes in just 5 days! We’re most pleased with the fact that we surpassed our goals and that we have a vision for the months ahead.
— Franz Sauerstein, Xciting Webdesign
In one instance we saw a 22x increase in our email optin rate during one of our programs due to a Facebook ad campaign Mojca helped us design. ROI? I think so.
— Craig Hewitt, Podcast Motor

Facebook Ads can be frustrating. But there are always two sides of the same coin. Even this time.

After finishing this email course and getting to know the real picture behind Facebook Advertising, you will unlock endless opportunities to grow your business even further.

Acquiring new leads and increasing your sales will become as easy as posting a new update to your Facebook Page.

Frustration will become just a part of the past. Instead, you’ll be excited every time you’ll set out to launch a new advertising campaign. You’ll know exactly which steps you need to take to get to your goal.

This course will make growing your business so easy and change the way you look at Facebook advertising forever.

Don’t believe me? I dare you to try it. It’s free.

Who made this course?


Mojca is a social media consultant who founded her consultancy Super Spicy Media after losing a job at an advertising agency.

Her work focuses on helping clients manage their social media profiles so they can devote their time to other aspects of their businesses.

She’s been teaching freelancers, consultants and business owners how to generate more leads and create more profits with a pinpoint strategy that helps her clients increase their revenue by at least 30%.

Mojca published a book called Facebook Ads Manual: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started.