The Ultimate Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet

Launch the perfect type of ad to the most effective target audience

Let's face it.

Facebook's Advertising ecosystem can be overwhelming. Let's just call it what it is -- too overwhelming considering you don't have hours, days, weeks and months to learn everything about it.

It's not that you're not interested in trying it, you want to try it so bad, but there are just tons of options you can choose from.

Which one is the perfect one for you? Where do you begin without throwing your hard-earned money down a deep black hole, not seeing it ever again?


What if there was literally (and I mean LITERALLY) a step-by-step process that would let you discover the perfect type of ad you should choose and the most effective type of targeting you should do to reach that #1 goal you're trying to achieve?

I created The Ultimate Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet, and I'm pouring my years of experience of working with clients and seeing what works best for which goals and audiences in there.

You will begin at a starting point and I'll ask you some simple questions. By answering them you'll slowly make progress through the flowchart. You'll end up at the finishing point with instructions on what you should do next.

It just doesn't get more blueprint-ish than this. True story.


Why should you listen to me?

Well, you shouldn't. But you should listen to my clients and customers.

"The results we got from working with Mojca were phenomenal - we got 14,930 Facebook Page likes in just 5 days! We're most pleased with the fact that we surpassed our goals and that we have a vision for the months ahead."


"Working with Mojca has proven to be an enormous benefit to our business. In one instance, we saw a 22x increase in our email opt-in rate during one of our programs due to a Facebook ad campaign she helped us design. ROI? I think so.”


"Mojca was a pleasure to work with. She helped us grow our fan base by 1000%, email list by 20% and with her help we were able to increase our sales by 31%!!!"


It's a steal.

If you're ready to get your foot in Facebook Advertising, this flowchart is a steal. No bullshit, just straight facts. You will move from one point to another by answering questions. It's like 'Choose Your Own Adventure' but with a twist.

The best thing of all is you'll be able to use this flowchart whenever you get stuck. It's like a consultant that is always there for you. For a one-time payment for $5. Wut.


Who am I?

My name is Mojca and I'm the founder of Super Spicy Media Facebook Advertising agency. I founded Super Spicy Media right after getting fired from an advertising agency. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I found my first clients via cold emailing, but soon realised I could leverage Twitter to establish a valuable online presence and get even more clients. I've never looked back.

My initial success allowed me to double what I was making at the agency in under a year. That led to Super Spicy Media and me being featured in various newspapersknown podcastsonline publications and blogs. I've been able to work with a range of great companies and speak at amazing events such as MicroConfDouble Your Freelancing Conference and BabelCamp

Facebook Ads Manual is the culmination of all of my experience. The cherry on the top that will get you and your company leads and sales you deserve!

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