You can now see your competitor’s ads!

Transparency is something Facebook has been seriously focusing on since their involvement in the privacy scandal. Now, they’re taking it a step further.

Just a few days ago Facebook made a huge announcement that affects EVERYONE that advertises on Facebook:

From now on, your Facebook Ads are on public display.

Anyone that visits your Facebook Page will be able to see all Facebook Ads you’re currently running. Here’s that in action:

How it affects you

It’s best to explain this feature on a practical example.

Let’s say I see your Page update in my News Feed. I can click through that update onto your Facebook Page and see all the ads you’re currently running, no matter if I’m in the targeted audience or not. 

I would be able to click on your ad, check the landing page, buy a product. You name it.

My first thought after hearing this was: “Well, I don’t want my stats to be affected by other people clicking and engaging with the ad!”

Good news — it doesn’t work that way.

Even though someone clicks on your ad, visits your webpage, signs up for a newsletter or makes any other conversion, that conversion isn’t attributed to your Ads.

“Ad lurkers” also can’t like or comment on the ad from the “Active Ads” tab on your Page, so again — your results are not affected by that.

Why is Facebook doing this


There have been known cases of Facebook Pages misusing Facebook’s Advertising Platform. And while Facebook is working hard at catching these bad actors, they want to give a part of this power to the people of Facebook too.

They’re giving Facebook users a chance to report on suspicious behavior and abuse of the platform.

Definitely a noble goal, but looking at this feature from a different angle, it reveals an opportunity you should take advantage of.

How can you take advantage of it

If you’re someone that uses Facebook Ads regularly, you know that you need a little bit of inspiration from time to time.

What could you do differently?

What else could you try? 

What kind of ad could you experiment with next?

Before this feature, you didn’t have many resources to go to when you’re in need of inspiration. However, all you need to do now is visit some of your competitor’s Facebook Pages and see what ads they’re running.

While you’re not able to see the actual performance of those ads, you can at least get a better feeling for what they’re trying to achieve with their ads and what their strategy is.

I am not suggesting you go and straight-out copy whatever they’re doing. That’s never a good strategy, and you’re better than that.

What you can do though is use your competitor’s ads as inspiration when you get stuck. When you don’t know where to start when designing a new visual. Or how to record a video ad. Or what kind of copy to write. 

What’s next?

Facebook is not stopping here.

A lot more new features are coming our way in the months to come. So make sure you subscribe to my mailing list below to keep yourself updated with all the changes.

Mojca ZoveComment