Why Facebook Ads don't work?

I’m never going to forget my first car race.

As I’m sitting in my Porsche on the start line, my hands are shaking uncontrollably, and I can feel the adrenaline moving through my veins.

It was a hill climb race, where you have to drive uphill to complete the course.

I could see the countdown timer going through the last seconds, and I was ready to turn around and give up. But at the last second, I decided to give it a go.

Here’s something you need to know about hill climb races:

There’s only one way up. You make the smallest mistake, and there’s an incredibly high chance of crashing.

And after talking to hundreds of people, this sounds incredibly familiar to Facebook Ads.

But as it’s with racing, the crash is almost always your fault.

Inspiration-based VS Strategy-based

It’s in our nature to blame someone or something else for our mistakes. I’ve done it too. I’m not perfect.

However, that kind of mindset only deepens the hole we already dug for ourselves. Instead, think about this differently — if something is your fault, you have all the power to fix it.

If you can’t generate profits with Facebook Ads, it’s not Facebook’s fault. It’s because the approach you’re taking is inspiration-based, completely dependent on what feel right at that moment. It’s not strategy-based, using deep research as your foundation.

And if the approach you’re taking isn’t the right one, you can switch things around, correct your path, and take the one that leads towards the goal you’re after.

Build a solid foundation

The first step towards a profitable Facebook Advertising strategy is making sure that your website’s conversion rate is good organically and that your product is of high quality and high value. Something users can take, implement, and see first results straight away.

In other words — a percentage of people that visit your webpage through non-paid sources should convert automatically, without you pushing them towards a conversion with paid channels.

What not many people know about Facebook Ads is that they put your existing situation on fast forward, but they can’t change things around.

If you’re already losing money because your conversion rate isn’t good or because your product is bad, Facebook will not solve that problem for you. It will only help you lose money faster.

However, if your product has been validated through organic sales already, and you’ve been making a profit, launching a well-structured Facebook Ads strategy can help you increase that profit in no time.

There’s a flip side to this, however.

Even if your business is profitable organically, that doesn’t guarantee your Facebook Ads will generate profit.

I’ve seen businesses, big and small, make huge mistakes with Facebook Ads, which sent their strategy straight to fail land.

So if your ads aren’t working and generating profit no matter what you do, it’s probably one of the following reasons that are costing you money.

Mistake #1: You’re advertising your products to a cold audience

“I’m paying Facebook to run my ads, so I better get my money back FAST.”

This is how most people approach Facebook Ads, and because of this kind of mindset, they go straight into promotion mode, advertising their products to a cold audience.

But Facebook Advertising doesn’t work that way. Marketing, in general, doesn’t work that way.

How would you feel if a stranger would knock on your door right now, promoting a product you’re hearing about for the first time? You wouldn’t buy it straight away, would you?

Never blame your cold audience for not buying immediately; it’s completely normal to pass this kind of offer.

Instead of advertising your products to a cold audience, make sure to incorporate a customer journey into your Facebook Advertising strategy that takes someone from that first important point of contact with your company to the final sale.

Mistake #2: You’re not targeting/reaching the right audience

It’s easy to think you know who your target audience is. But do you really KNOW that? Or are you guessing?

Before you launch even your first Facebook Ads campaign, you need to invest time in some in-depth research of your target audience. I’m talking about actual hands-on work. The kind people typically aren’t thrilled about, but it’s what truly makes a difference.

Contact your existing audience, customers, students, whatever you have. Get to know them better.

Ask them how old they are, where do they come from? Talk to them about their interests, what Facebook Pages they typically like and follow, even if they’re not business related.

Where do they hang out online? What do they read? Who do they follow?

It’s time to stop guessing who buys your products and really get to know them well. Then use that knowledge to create a buyer persona and use it to model the audience with Facebook Ads Manager.

Mistake #3: Your visuals and copy don’t attract the attention of your audience

People are visual beings, we live through our eyes. When you’re choosing a dessert from the menu, you’re going to go for the one that looks good.

Facebook Ads are no different. It’s the creative assets that will attract your audience’s attention. Or … not attract your audience.

If your Facebook Ads still aren’t generating profitable results even after following the advice above, your weakest point might just be the creative part of your process.

The fastest way to learn more about what attracts your target audience is to observe what your competitors are doing and learn from their actions. Don’t copy their visuals and their text, but shortcut the experimental progress by following their lead.

Want to make that progress even faster? Refine your creative assets by regularly A/B testing the copy and visuals for every campaign you launch.

I almost crashed on my first race - YIKES!

I pushed the throttle all the way down, and the race started. I did not know the road, but I pushed as hard as I can, driving up the twisty road, trying to be as fast as I can.

Too fast.

My car understeered, I was too fast on the throttle, and instead of turning hard left, I went straight towards the ditch.

Hard brake, full stop, just a hair’s length away from the ditch.

I reversed, straightened the car, and went on.

Crashes are inevitable when you’re trying to go too fast in a situation you’re unfamiliar with. That was my mistake. I owned it.

If your Facebook Ads fail because you were aiming for the moon without having a real strategy for how to get to it, that’s a mistake you did. But one you can fix.

Reverse, think about it and go on.

That quick assessment during my hill climb race helped me refine my senses and get familiar with my limitations.

Moving forward, I was more strategic.

And guess what — that day I won 2nd place in precision driving. On my first ever race.

Being smart always beats being simply fast.

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