How to get started with Facebook Video Ads

If you’re looking for ONE type of ad format that will increase your overall engagement and improve the effectiveness of your ads, it’s VIDEO.

But for so many people it’s just too overwhelming.

Honestly, it’s been like that for me too.

Well, at least until I realized that I can create great video content and fantastic video ads for my business (or my client’s business) WITHOUT recording a thing while taking advantage of the TOOLS we have today.

Above is the video I created for a client.

Here’s the step-by-step process I followed to achieve the result you’re seeing:

Write the copy for the video

I wanted to keep the video short, yet attract the attention of our target audience through emphasizing the painful problem they’re experiencing and talk about the solution we’re offering.

Short and simple.

Hire a voiceover person on Fiverr

English isn’t my native language. And even if it was, I’m not a professional voice actor.

So I hired someone who is.

First, I thought about EXACTLY how I want the ad to sound. Since the overall company presence and voice is young and fresh, I wanted the guy to sound like that too.

Once I found him, I sent him the copy and received my order in under 24 hours.

Purchase a few great-looking stock videos on Videoblocks

Sure, I have a camera at home. But I don’t have the resources to record the video I wanted to have.

Finding a fancy office to record a happy video of someone typing on a computer would take A LOT more time and MONEY than just purchasing a good-looking stock video footage.

When I had a script I wanted to go with, I found the footage needed on Videoblocks, purchased, and downloaded it.

Edit the video in iMovie or Final Cut Pro

You don’t need special video skills to put a video like this together.

I started with the video I wanted to begin with and attached the voiceover to it.

I added in the other clips, cut and place them in a way that makes sense with the voiceover, added some simple text over the video, and that was it.

The only thing missing now was the background music. To make it more fun.

Purchase music from Epidemic Sounds

I wanted to have a simple background music that’s not going to bother the narrative too much, but will create the perfect ambiance to get the message across.

I’m a professional, so I don’t go around illegally downloading music from Youtube and uploading it to my videos.

That’s why I have an account at Epidemic Sounds and I pay for my music.

After I found the song that was a perfect fit, I downloaded it, added it to my project in Final Cut Pro, and decreased the volume.

I exported the video and VOILA.

So … now that you know all of this …

What’s your excuse for not running video ads?

Mojca ZoveComment