How Super Spicy Media helped BlendCommerce improve client win rate from 50% to 90%

If you want to be successful, you need to get really good at what you do. And that especially happens to be true for marketing agencies.

Luckily, BlendCommerce is aware of the fact that the best way to grow their agency is to sharpen their skills, and show to their clients that they can deliver on what they promise every time.

There's always room for improvement

In December 2018 I received an email from Adam Pearce from BlendCommerce. They specialize in Shopify stores, helping store owners improve the shopping experience or develop it from the start.

To help support that goal and help their clients grow, they also offer a variety of marketing services, including Facebook Advertising.

Despite having a good insight into Facebook Ads management, they knew there was room for improvement, especially if they want to become competitive in that space.

BlendCommerce's biggest struggles

While BlendCommerce had in-depth knowledge about marketing, there was a noticeable lack of technical knowledge around Facebook Advertising. This is entirely normal at an agency that's not specializing in Facebook Advertising because it makes it harder for them to keep track of all the updates when they're not spending every day in the Facebook Ads Manager.

One of the biggest struggles they frequently experienced was how to properly implement a Facebook Pixel, all the needed standard and custom events, and successfully test them to make sure that the setup is flawless. You don’t want to be running a Conversion Campaign only to realize weeks later that it’s not attributing conversions as it should.

Considering they're running an agency and taking care of Advertising Accounts of multiple clients, there was also a deep need for learning more about the ideal setup of the Business Manager to make sure every BlendCommerce employee has been assigned the right role, while the client keeps full control over the Business Manager and all their assets.

Moving forward, they also wanted to learn more about the strategy differences for two types of clients: those who have just launched their online store and are starting out, and the well-established online stores with good organic traffic.

The goals of the training based on our discovery calls

Before the training, we scheduled two separate in-depth calls that helped me determine what they're struggling with most, what knowledge they need to upgrade. I used the information collected from those discovery goals to develop a tailored training, specific to BlendCommerce and their needs.

As an agency owner myself, I know how important a good Business Manager setup is for your agency as for the client themselves. That's why I wanted to make sure I'll teach BlendCommerce about the differences in those two types of setup, and how to communicate the new management system with a client without making them feel too overwhelmed.

I also wanted to include an in-depth segment about Facebook Pixel — talking about the ideal technical setup, as well as a step-by-step troubleshooting process in case anything goes wrong.

As for the strategy-development part of the training, I decided to equip them with all the necessary knowledge they need for successful development and implementation of all types of strategies.

However, that wasn't enough, because after implementation of those strategies an agency also needs to have the skills to determine if a certain campaign or a strategy is successful or not and how to optimize it to increase revenue for their clients and help them reach their previously set goals, whether those are sales or simply generating traffic to the webpage.

That includes in-depth knowledge about Facebook analytics, recognizing the trends before they happen, and reacting to them accordingly.

Because one of their core goals was also to grow their own agency, I wanted to present them with the best way of closing more clients and help them streamline that process.

The overview of the training

We decided to move forward with a 2-day in-person workshop to ensure I'll provide all the in-depth knowledge they need to get better results for their clients and successfully scale their Facebook Advertising services, as well as have time for extensive Q & A at the end of each day.

Day 1:

  • Foundation

    • Setting up a Business Manager

    • Assigning correct roles to employees (while your client keeps full control)

    • Facebook Pixel implementation

    • Audience creation (which ones to implement immediately)

  • Facebook Pixel Training

    • Manual VS Automatic implementation

    • Troubleshooting process when something goes wrong

    • Solving discrepancies between different analytical tools

  • Sales Funnels

    • The hierarchy of a Facebook Advertising Campaign

    • Ideal Campaign, Ad Set, Ad setup

    • Common mistakes people do when developing Sales Funnels

    • A showcase of a made-for-you funnel you can implement right now

    • Seasonal promotions VS Evergreen strategy

Day 2:

  • Implementing a Campaign

    • How to prepare in advance

    • Copy preparation and template you can use

    • Preparation of designs and examples of successful designs you can use

    • Optimizing your workflow to save time

  • Budgeting

    • What variables should affect your client's budget

    • How to calculate an ideal budget

    • Budget distribution for New VS Established businesses

  • A/B Testing

    • Automatic VS Manual A/B testing

    • Outline of the Sales Funnel structure + A/B tests you can run on each level

  • After Launch: Processes and Optimization

    • Calculating the ideal cost per result, creating your benchmarks

    • Step-by-step process on what to do when a campaign isn't generating profit or is barely breaking even

    • How to interpret data points from Facebook Analytics

  • After Launch: Performance Drop

    • A made-for-you process to follow if performance drops

    • How to prevent the drop in performance next time

  • Agency training

    • How to close more prospects with an Audit Process

    • Introduction of different packages you can offer to your clients

    • Onboarding document template

The training didn't just help their clients, it also helped them

The most obvious result of the training was a significant increase in confidence, which resulted in their work as well. Because they now had a deep understanding of Facebook Advertising and knew how to handle every situation, it wasn't just the results of Facebook Advertising campaigns that improved, but the way they communicated with their clients and prospects as well.

Because they were more confident in their work and generated more revenue for their clients, they improved their client win rate from 50% to 90%, all based on the Facebook Audit process we discussed on the training.

They also landed their biggest Facebook Ad retainer.

Here's what Adam also said about the training:

"We wouldn't be able to generate the same results without the training. We're now able to offer far more insights which undoubtedly has strengthened our position as a trusted advisor. It's really helped us up our game."

Would you like your agency to become experts in Facebook Advertising as well?

Would you like your agency to gain confidence in your Facebook Advertising skills and improve the results you're generating for your clients while at the same time grow your own business?

Let's talk.

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