Get 2x more leads and sales by using different visuals for Instagram

Facebook makes it really simple for business owners to advertise on Instagram. It’s literally just a click away.

Yes, literally.


And you should. Or at least give it a try, because there’s a high chance of being completely surprised by the results. Like I was.

When I was running a campaign for a client of mine who runs a SaaS company (with a target audience of developers), Instagram generated more than 70% of our sales. Which was 100% more than I expected.

So it’s not a question if you should advertise on Facebook, it’s a matter of how.

Running one visual per ad VS adapting based on the platform’s guidelines

You can run your ads on Instagram with just a click of a checkbox. However, you’re still left with 2 options:

Option #1: Use the same visuals as with other placements

Following this option, you’re uploading your visuals once and using that exact format for all of your placements — Facebook News Feed, Instagram Feed, Stories, Audience Network, you name it.

So if you follow Facebook’s Advertising guidelines (1,200 px x 628 px for a typical Facebook Ad), you’ll be running a landscape ad for all your placements.

Pro: You’re advertising on all channels possible without spending more time developing the ads.

Con: Well, there’s a pretty good chance of your ads generating good, but not stellar results, because your ads aren’t tailored to a specific placement.

Option #2: Develop Instagram visuals following best-format practices

Even though Instagram now lets you upload landscape and portrait photos (as opposed to square-only format a few years ago), it doesn’t mean they don’t have preferences when it comes to format.

Whether that’s algorithm-based or just a result of audience’s preference is still up to discussion. However, it’s no secret that Instagram-specific visuals that follow best-format practices perform better than landscape visuals typically used with Facebook Ads.

And I know that for a fact.

A few months back I was working with a client that was trying to acquire new users for their app. First, we used the landscape format for all of their placements. The Cost per App Install was $4.

Good, but not great.

But just one tweak — customizing the dimensions for Instagram placement — caused our Cost per App Install drop by 50%. Now, our Cost per App Install was $2 and dropping.

Pro: Pretty straightforward — you can get more leads, more app installs, more sales for the same amount if you simply customize the visuals for the placement.

Con: Well, because it requires adjusting your dimensions, you’ll end up spending more time creating the visuals for the placement.

But what if there was a solution to that as well?

2 solutions for optimizing your visuals with just with a click

Every painful problem people typically have results in a flood of new solutions to that problem. And it’s no different here.

Solution #1: Crop within Facebook

The easiest (and fastest!) solution is to use the cropping tool within Facebook Ads Manager to crop your image to a square format specifically for Instagram.

But be careful! → Don’t use the option below, as this will crop your image for all placements:


Instead, click this option to customize your visual specifically for one placement (in our case Instagram Feed):

And use the recommended crop per your placement.

The only thing you have to make sure if you follow this approach is:

While you’re designing your ad, make sure that you put the most valuable information in one place and not all over the place.

If you put it all over the place, you won’t be able to crop the image in a square without compromising the message.

Solution #2: Use online design tools to make fast adaptations

I’ve frequently recommended online design tools like Canva or Adobe Spark. Not just because you can make high-quality designs in just a couple of minutes with zero design experience, but because you can also adapt your visuals with just a click of a button.


While the core of this feature is similar to Facebook’s cropping above, it comes with an additional power option Facebook doesn’t have.

If cropping makes any of the information on the visual disappear, you can simply rearrange the design.

No need to keep the most important information in one place, go crazy with it and rearrange after if needed!

Note: This feature in Canva is available only for paid plans.

You can generate more leads/sales/clicks by simply optimizing your visuals

I’ve spend a fair share of my time making custom designs for my clients, adapting them for different placements.

But if you ask me if all that effort and time is worth it?

Well — HELL YES.

Look at the results you’re generating with Facebook Ads this very moment.

Simply optimizing your visuals for different placements could result in generating 2x more leads, sales, whatever your objective is.

You know what your next step should be.

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