Facebook Ad Frequency - How high should it be?

How high should your frequency be? Hint: Higher than you think!

Consider this → You never buy a product when you see an ad for it for the first time. So why would you expect that from your audience?

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Mojca: What I notice, from my experience, is that a lot of people give up when they see a frequency of one or two. Whereas with e-commerce source, whenever I work with someone with an e-commerce business, the magic starts to happen when the frequency was five plus. Did you see the same thing?

Kurt: Yeah.

Mojca: Do you think that has to a little bit higher?

Kurt: Yeah. There are studies going back decades, that will tell you people need to hear, I think it's an average of seven, eight times, they need to hear about a product to trust it. It's human nature. If I walked past ... You know those, if you're trying to scare away rodents in your yard, they have those fake owls? Right?

Mojca: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Kurt: Those plastic fake owls. The fake owl, the first time they see that, they're like, "Oh, man. That thing ... That's dangerous. I'm staying away from that." The second time, they're like, "Still dangerous." The third time, they're like, "Well, maybe this isn't ... I shouldn't be afraid of this." Fourth time ... by the sixth time, they're best friends with the fake plastic owl.

Kurt: The exact same thing happens in the base of your brain, in your reptile brain, with brands. If you see it enough times, you just implicitly, you stop being suspicious of it. You should assume that people's default state is to be suspicious of it, of your brand, because essentially, it is the ... I'm scrolling through my Facebook feed, and then suddenly there's a thing that's like, "Hey, buy this thing. It's on sale."

Kurt: This is no different than like, I'm having a conversation with someone at Starbucks, and someone else just sits down at our table, and is like, "Hey. I've got these t-shirts. They're $25 and great. What's your credit card number?" Like, "What? No." No one's going to go along with that. But, digital marketing, Facebook, interruption marketing, that's what a lot of people are attempting, and then they wonder why no one buys from them.

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