Facebook Ad Disapproved - What to do?

You’re excited to launch your new campaign.

You’ve got your visuals ready, your copy ready, the landing page you’ve worked on so hard is flawless.

You submit your campaign, open a bottle of champagne, and celebrate a new beginning.


You get an email with the subject “Your Ads Have Been Disapproved”. 

Party’s over. Cue the sad trumpet. There’s nothing you can do about it when Facebook says “NO.”



Facebook Ads get frequently disapproved

Here’s something you probably don’t know - this happens a lot. A LOT.

Facebook disapproves ads all the time. Heck, it happens to me every week even though I’m 100% familiar with their Advertising Policies and follow them to a t. 

And if you haven’t experienced this before, you probably will sooner or later. However, when that happens, the most important thing is to stay calm.

Because it’s normal, and here’s why.

Facebook’s review process

Hundreds of thousands of ads are launched every single day. It’s no secret that Facebook’s review process hasn’t been manual in a very long time. How could it be? 

The first step of the review process is entirely automatic.

A program developed by Facebook first automatically analyzes your ads, specifically focusing on copy and visuals. 

Does your copy contain swear words? Is your copy racist? Does it contain words like “drugs” or “cigarettes” that might indicate that you’re advertising something illegal? Maybe your copy includes a combination of words that might trigger the system.

The program also automatically analyzes your visuals to determine if it contains any nudity, inappropriate images, too much text on the image itself. 

These are all red flags that Facebook is after, and a simple combination of words might trigger the program and drive it to a conclusion that you’re not following their advertising policies. Even if you actually are.

What to do? 

I can tell you what not to do. You should NOT give up and just forget about launching the campaign you’ve worked so hard for. 

You’ve got other options that are definitely going to bring you to the desired result.

Appealing their decision

If you’re absolutely sure that you’ve followed their policies, you can first appeal to their decision right there in the Facebook Ads Manager. The link to the disapproved ad will be delivered to you via email, and on that link you’ll find the “appeal” button.

An important thing to have in mind though is that sometimes the appeal process is also done automatically, so you might end up in the same situation than before — your ad being disapproved even though it’s perfectly legit and following the advertising policies 100%.

No time to give up now. There’s another step you can take.

Contact support

Facebook is really tightening up their Advertising Policies, and I don’t blame them. A lot of marketers, amateur and professional ones as well, are known for exploiting loopholes, and the aftermath of that affects all of us.

Did you know that Facebook can disapprove your ad if your landing page isn’t fully functional? Or if it doesn’t match what you’re advertising? 

It’s true. That’s why before you contact support, you should read through their advertising policies again. 

But when you’re absolutely sure that your ad complies with their policies 100%, contact support and require a manual review of your ad.

You can appeal a disapproved ad manually, or contact a support representative directly.

I usually go with the second option as that always allows me to get in touch with a real person.

How to communicate

Be polite.

Keep in mind that Facebook is here to help you. It’s not their direct fault that your ad triggered the system. The system is there to protect the user and give all advertisers the same options. It’s here for us.

So when you contact them, let them know that you’re familiar with their advertising policies, you reviewed your ad again, and you made sure that it’s complying with all of them. 

Let them know that you request a manual review and that you hope to resolve this as soon as possible.

With a polite tone like that, you can be sure they’ll do everything in their power to fix this for you immediately.

Facebook can be wrong

Even though Facebook is a huge player in this field, it still makes mistakes. It disapproves perfect ads, launches features that don’t work, crashes every once in a while. 

Keep that in mind when you’re navigating this world. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground if you know you’re right.

Mojca ZoveComment