Don’t use Facebook Ads when …

“Oh, we forgot to mention something to you.” These were the words I didn’t expect from a client that I just closed an successfully onboarded.

They usually don’t mean anything good. And if you think that maybe it was different this time around — it wasn’t. 

“Our traffic has been down significantly for a couple of months now. We’re hoping that you can help us fix that and help us grow our revenue too.”

I’m very picky when choosing who to work with. If I can’t genuinely help my prospect grow his business and increase his profits, I’m going to decline our collaboration and instead point him in another direction and recommend a different specialist.

That’s why I demand complete honesty in our first exploratory meetings.

Sadly, that’s not what I got from this client. 

Why is this important?

Even though Facebook Advertising is highly effective and something I encourage each business to include in their marketing plan, there are times when you absolutely shouldn’t consider using them, even if they’re a right fit for your type of business.

While they can undoubtedly help your business grow, if you implement campaigns at times listed below, they can hurt your business and make a severe dent in your marketing budget without the wanted returns.

Don’t use Facebook Ads …

When your traffic or conversions abruptly decrease

If you treat Facebook Advertising as your lifeboat, you’re in it for a wild and disappointing ride with a high chance of drowning.

Facebook Ads weren’t built to save your business from sinking. You shouldn’t rely on them as a helping hand that’s going to save your problems. Facebook Ads should never be your only way of getting leads and purchases.

Facebook Ads were built as an addition to your marketing plan. Something that helps you supercharge the results you’re already generating. 

So if your traffic abruptly drops and conversions dramatically decrease without reason, a Facebook Ads campaign isn’t going to be able to get you back on track and on a path towards growth.

If that happens, you have to look for a solution elsewhere.

There probably is a reason behind that significant and sudden drop in performance. Is it the SEO? Maybe you implemented some changes to the site, and that affected your performance?

Solve the problem first before moving forward with investing in Facebook Ads again. 

After having a big launch of a new product or business

I’m specifically talking about a time after the launch when you’re looking at your analytics report wondering why your conversions are suddenly decreasing.

While your launch went perfectly and you generated a lot of tractions and conversions, you weren’t ready for that decrease.

If you start using Facebook Ads at this point of your launch, they might fill that leaking hole for a couple of days, but after that, you’ll be back at square one. Again — Facebook Ads aren’t your lifeboat in times of crisis.

So if you haven’t used Facebook Ads beforelaunching your product and during your launch, they won’t be of great help after it either. 

Instead, next time you’re planning on launching something new, develop a Facebook Ads strategy that allows for scalability beforeyour launch, so you can feed off of it forever and not be a witness to the crazy drop that usually follows.

But …

But what are some ideal times for launching a Facebook Ads campaign? When will you generate the best and most profitable results with Facebook Ads? 

Don’t get burnt launching your next campaign and watch my video below!

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