A story about my ripped jeans … and targeting

A few weeks ago I bought myself a nail polish in the color of our car. Yes, I am that crazy, you better believe it.

I wanted to take it a step further as I always do. So I went to the store to buy a Matte Top Coat just to complement the beautiful color of my nails. Found the Top Coat in under 10 minutes (RECORD!) and I was off.

Just as I was leaving the store, there was a man standing in front of it and giving away some pamphlets to everyone. And I mean everyone.

What was going on? And what has this to do with…targeting?

Needless to say, he gave me one too. I checked it out, and it was a pamphlet for a stitching service. For example: if you tear up your pants, they should be the ones you’d call.

What a coincidence that I was wearing these pants when he eagerly approached me and shoved the pamphlet into my already full hands:


(Note the ripped knees on this incredibly blurred image.)

But the one thing that’s NOT a coincidence is — those pamphlets were everywhere. People dropped them on the floor after a few seconds of holding them in hands, trash bins outside and inside the store were full of them.

The company that printed and handed these out would be better off spending this money on … ice cream. Or Matte Top Coats, whatever rocks their boat.

What went so terribly wrong that people felt like throwing these on the ground in front of the very same guy that handed these pamphlets out?

The importance of good targeting

Even though stitching services like this one should address a very specific audience, he handed pamphlets out to everyone.

Young, old, women, men, kids, teenagers, you name it.

I bet you won’t find many teenagers that nowadays buy t-shirts for $10-$15 to take advantage of stitching services since it’s much easier (and probably even cheaper) to go to the store and buy a new one.

Hell, I’m not a teenager, and these ripped pants were in fact quite expensive, and I’m still not interested in his services.

So if you ask me about the #1 thing he did wrong — besides spending money on friggin physical pamphlets that expose your business to a very limited audience — I say TARGETING.

It’s not as easy as pie

Finding your target audience with Facebook Ads is far more challenging than it looks like. There’s no magic wand you could swing. It’s basically a thing of trial and error.

But if you know where to begin with, you could minimize the error part significantly.

Where to start?

First, change your mindset. Don’t be the guy handing out pamphlets to uninterested people, hoping they will show up one day.

Serve your ads to people that really matter.

Quick Basics Lecture

Before we dive in even further, you have to be aware of all the targeting possibilities within Facebook’s Ads Manager:

  • Interest Targeting
    • The oldest form of Facebook Advertising
    • Target your audience by inputting demographic data and your audience’s interests/behaviors into Facebook


  • Custom Audiences
    • A special audience of specific people
    • Your email subscribers, website visitors, customers, clients, app users
    • Target them with uploading your email list to Facebook or with the help of a Facebook pixel


  • Lookalike Audiences
    • People that are similar by interests and characteristics to your Custom Audience
    • You can create a lookalike audience of your email subscribers, website visitors, you name it

So many options, where do I begin?

You should always ALWAYS start with the audience you’re already familiar with. And with the one that’s already familiar with you.


Because establishing trust with them is going to be so much easier as opposed to you targeting an unknown audience.

My clients and I have seen fantastic results from targeting custom audiences such as:

  • Email Subscribers
  • Website Visitors

Of course, everything depends on the nature of the product you’re going to be promoting, but there’s always a custom audience you can experiment with. People that know you but didn’t convert.

Find out what’s keeping them from converting and address that problem. Make the worries go away, reinforce their decision and help them move forward with the purchase.

Lookalike audiences make your job easier

If you’re tired of pulling interests from thin air when targeting people on Facebook and getting absolutely no results with this, you can relax. Lookalike audiences will solve this problem for you.

I believe everyone should be incredibly familiar with their target audience — demographics, age, gender, interests, behaviors. But sometimes, that’s not possible.

Maybe you’re just starting out and don’t exactly know where to look for that. That’s fine too.

Instead of guesswork, you can do datawork. (I just made that word up.)

By uploading your email list for example to Facebook, Facebook will analyze that audience, find shared interests and find a brand new audience based on that data.

If I support starting out with Custom Audiences first, I definitely encourage experimenting with Lookalike Audiences immediately after.

What about Interest Targeting?

Interest Targeting can go 2 ways:

  • You totally nail the audience the first time around and just double down in the future to improve your results,
  • It’s a miss, and you improve the next time around.

3 campaigns in and these both ways can turn out to be very profitable.

But if you want to avoid the complete failure, you have to start differently.

First, identify your average customer/client. What’s his/her age? Gender? Where does he/she live? Interests? Behaviour?

Take it a step further. Instead of guessing, go to your Google Analytics and check that data yourself.

Google Analytics.png

That’s what you should start with.

Instead of throwing a rock into the void and seeing where it lands, set up a target for yourself and aim.

Want to learn even more?

Well, it’s your lucky day!

“I have no clue who to target with my Facebook Ads” is now a thing of the past. Facebook targeting might sound like a scary thing to tackle, but in reality, you’re closer to your target audience than you think.

Watch the recording of my webinar where you’re going to learn about all the targeting features Facebook offers and also how to use them in your own Facebook Advertising campaigns.

Reaching the perfect audience was never so easy.

Your turn

What’s your #1 struggle you currently have with targeting? 

Write me a comment below; I’d love to hear it from you and personally help!

Mojca Zove