3 Facebook Ad Campaigns you should be running

Every normal person is guilty of this.

There are some things you know you should do, but you somehow don’t, even though you know that’s wrong.

Here’s an example.

It’s like me and my diet. I know I should stick to it since I’m trying to carve our my muscles that hid a little bit since I started bulking.

But I had ice cream for dinner just last night. Partly also because I’m a little bit ill — I have an extremely sore throat and ice cream was the only thing that helped. Kind of.

But also because I craved it. Badly.

Come on, last days of warm weather are almost gone. Don’t judge.

(On that note, nothing’s stopping me from eating ice cream in the winter.)

We’re the same when it comes to business

Facebook Ads are something similar.

People know Facebook Ads help businesses grow and make more sales. Would they still be around if they wouldn’t?

But a lot of people (yourself included?) are not using them to their full potential. Hell, some of them are not using Facebook Ads at all.

What are you waiting for? Someone that will show you exactly what to do and make it easier for you?

Well good, because I’m going to do exactly that.

(You didn’t expect that, did you?)

3 Facebook Ad Campaigns You Should Be Running

Marketers are known for saying ”It depends!” a lot.

And it really does in a lot of cases. What Facebook Ad Campaign is going to move your business from status quo to status awesome?

It depends.

But there are some Facebook Ad Campaigns that are almost proven to work. And they should be your starting point.

Basic Retargeting

I support the idea of having a good strategy before you start with Facebook Ads.

But let’s be honest here.

You want to create a strategy, but you simply don’t have time for that. You have other priorities. And that’s why 2 years have passed since you started telling to yourself: ”Okay, I really need to create a Facebook Ad Campaign this week.”

You’re wasting your time by not investing your money into growth.

So if you want a bulletproof way to start seeing progress with your Facebook Ads — do some basic retargeting.


First, you need to implement a Facebook Pixel to your webpage. Got that covered? Good.

You’re going to create a Custom Audience of people that visited your webpage. Why?

Because that audience already knows you. You don’t need to prove yourself to them as much as you would need to prove yourself to an unknown audience.

They are more qualified than total strangers.


Let’s use some retarget magic!

Are you trying to get people subscribed to your email list? Retarget your website visitors and serve them a Lead Ad. Encourage them to subscribe to your email list by giving them an incentive. Like a free email course. Or a PDF file of your most popular blog posts.

Or maybe you have a product you want to advertise? Sure thing! Just retarget your website visitors and serve them ads for that popular cheat sheet you’re selling. Or an ebook. Or a SaaS.

Or advertise your services to those who visited your webpage!

The sky is the limit.

Advertise Blog Posts

“Now why the hell would anyone advertise blog posts? Something you can’t directly monetize?”

I get it. It’s difficult to understand.

But let me ask you this. Would you buy an ebook via an ad of a company you’re seeing for the first time?

Or would you rather buy it from someone you know and trust?



Go ahead and create a campaign for advertising your blog posts.

It’s really the simplest thing ever.

You can target your website visitors, email subscribers or play around with some Interest Targeting.

The goal of this campaign is to establish trust with your audience. When you’ll serve them ads for a product or service later on, they will know you are.

You will already have an established authority. And the selling process is going to be that much easier.

Advertising a lead magnet to your blog readers

Where can you find an audience that’s 100% interested in your solutions to specific problems?

On your blog.

My blog post readers are people that are interested in how to create a Facebook Ad Campaign for example. So when I launch a new Lead Magnet that teaches exactly that, they will be the first to get targeted.


Because why would I bother spending days for finding the perfect audience via Interest Targeting, if I have it right under my nose.

And I think mentioning the fact that this kind of targeting is far more effective is needless at this point.


Everyone should have a Lead Magnet.

That can be your email course, free chapter of your ebook or a simple PDF of your most popular blog posts.

All you need to do is simply create a Custom Audience of people who visited your blog and then serving them your Lead Magnet via Facebook Ads.

Not only you will grow your email list with this approach, but you’ll also give your audience a ton of value and bring them closer to a possible sale in the future.

We’re building groundwork for your future palace of a business.

Your turn

No more excuses. These campaigns are so easy to create, you can do them in your sleep.

Don’t spend your precious time thinking about the Facebook Ad Campaigns you should develop.

Instead, get in on the action with these simple steps and grow your campaigns from there.

Now let’s do some show of hands — who’s in? Who will create a new Facebook Ad Campaign this week?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

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