Facebook Ads: Setting expectations

If effective advertising was a bodybuilding competition, Facebook Ads came to win. It's becoming the STRONGEST advertising tool out there.

I'm not kidding.

EACH DAY Facebook Advertising is more powerful.

EACH DAY several thousand people jump on board. 

EACH DAY people think this is how Facebook works:

  1. "I read 50 blog posts on Facebook Advertising, watched 3 webinars and read 2 books. I'm ready to ROCK my first campaign. I know exactly what to do."
  2. *opens up Facebook Ads Manager and creates the first campaign* "SHOW ME THE MONEY!"
  3. *campaign fails.*
  4. "Facebook Advertising SUCKS."
  5. *they walk away and never come back.

When their first FB Ads Campaign fails, they're disappointed. They quit. But what they don't remember is this:

Your first blog post didn't went viral either. It didn't get a lot of views. You needed to write dozens of blog posts to get better and to attract more attention.

Your first business idea wasn't great. In fact -- it was horrible and could never work. Instead, you pursued something else altogether or transformed that idea into a different version of it. A version that was better. A version that worked.

I'm going to be honest:


If you want to GET GOOD at Facebook Advertising, you will fail.

But that failure is NECESSARY to make progress.

Failure is an investment. And you should not be afraid of it.

Failure means you're learning.

Failure means you're getting better. 

Failure means progress.

So stop reading the 100th blog post on how to launch a Facebook Advertising Campaign.

Stop reading this.

Open your Facebook Advertising Manager and LAUNCH your first campaign.

And when you fail, let me know. I'll be there.


Mojca ZoveComment