New Facebook Ad Features!

How do you keep up?!

☝︎This is a question I get *all the time*. How do I keep up with ALL THE UPDATES Facebook is launching?

I was in Texas a week ago, speaking at Seanwes Conference. It was really fun! (Also, I bought a cowboy hat!)


I talked to SO MANY amazing people in Texas. What I also talked about with many of them was how a week doesn't go by with Facebook launching something new.


These are just 3 updates that Facebook released in the last 3 DAYS of the previous week.

Dynamic Creative

No more manual A/B testing. Facebook does that for you now!

Facebook is getting BETTER AND BETTER at taking guesswork away from you and making advertising effortless and accessible to everyone.

From today on you can implement several ad copies, visuals, CTA buttons --> then Facebook will create multiple combinations to determine which combination is most effective.



Offline Activity

Brick and mortar businesses WANT to use Facebook Ads to its fullest potential, but are struggling every step of the way.

How can you track walk-ins that are the result of effective Facebook Advertising?

How can you track anything that happens online really?

Well Facebook is clearly taking EVERY STEP POSSIBLE in that direction.

Honest talk: I haven't had the chance to test this new update yet, but I'll let you know when I do.


Bid Strategy

Similar to manual/auto bid that FB had before, but WAY MORE IMPROVED.

Determine what you want for your business.

Do you want to get the most conversions for your budget? That might increase the CPA later on though.

OR do you want to maintain a stable cost per conversion even if you raise your budget? It might result in a slightly higher CPA, but it will be stable as you move forward.


My question to you is:

Why aren't you using Facebook Ads yet?

What's keeping you back?

Facebook Advertising is on its way of becoming the world's MOST POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE advertising tool.

And as more people jump on this opportunity, the cost will increase overtime.

And the tool will become more complex and harder to start with.

There's LITERALLY no better time to start advertising on Facebook.

So start today. 

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