Here’s your story.

You have a Facebook page, Twitter profile and maybe even an Instagram account. You created them because everyone is doing social media marketing and you should too. The initial hype “Oh gosh, this is great, people are actually liking my updates, social media marketing ain’t even that hard” gradually turned into “Why am I not getting any results? What should I post? Should I have a strategy? What am I really trying to achieve?”

  • You want to dedicate your time to focus on the business side of things (because that’s what you’re good at), but the marketing part keeps bugging you.
  • You know that it should be increasing your revenue, but you don’t even know where to start. It’s even harder to put a finger on that one thing that really makes a change, but you know it’s there.
  • You’ve seen other businesses with thousands of engaged, wallet out fans on social media. You want a piece of that cake and become a successful showcase as well. It’s been too long already and you’re missing a great chance of earning more money.

Does that sound familiar? No worries, you’re not the only one. And trust me, I got your back. It’s time to spice up your social media and put you towards success.

“Mojca was a pleasure to work with. She helped us grow our fan base by 1000%, email list by 20% and with her help we were able to increase our sales by 31%!!!”

– Goran Blagus, Co-founder of Bookagram

Let’s finally create the effective social media strategy you deserve.

You might be having some difficulties pinpointing things you’re doing wrong/you should improve on social media, but I can do that in less than an hour. That initial observation I carry out reveals the big problems that are blocking you from achieving success on social media platforms. From there on I can effectively work on developing your own, personalised social media strategy. I’ve done this a lot of times and I’d be happy to do it for you too.

The things I focus on while improving your social media presence and transforming it in a way that brings you actual and tangible results differs from client to client. But here are some things we could be working on together:

  • Changing the tone of your communication based on my initial audience research and goals you want to reach,
  • Setting up a specific publishing system for achieving great engagement-rate,
  • Creating eye-catching visual material that resonates with your audience,
  • Implementing a strategy that will reach your predefined goals,
  • Growing an engaging community of loyal followers and brand advocates,
  • Updating your Facebook page in order to strengthen your engagement-rate,
  • Adding Facebook apps to your Facebook page (adding the right Facebook apps can help you increase your engagement and conversion rate).

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of guidance – someone that would create you a social media strategy and point you towards the right direction so you can continue with pride and confidence. Or you might want the full package – a professional social media manager that works close with you and removes all the stress. Either way, I got you covered.

“Mojca brought our dead Facebook page back to life. She is really killing it — she analysed what we do, how we do it and what strategies will work best with smallest additional effort on our side, everything based on pre-discussed goals. Really amazed!”

– Primož Cigler, CEO of Proteus Themes

Here’s what we’ll do together

We’ll work hand in hand towards becoming that showcase of success on social media, may that be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Pinterest, depends where your audience is. That doesn’t mean only improving your social media presence and building an engaging community. It also means implementing the strategies needed to uncover the true potential your social media accounts have in bringing money on your table.

I will dedicate my time and resources towards helping you achieve the maximum results as soon as possible. Consulting ranges from $1150/month to $9500/month, depending on the value I’ll be able to bring your business. You will never see me accept a project that I think can’t benefit from my help.

Here’s how collaborating with me looks like:

  1. We have an initial onboarding session to discuss your goals and get to meet each other better.
  2. I do an analysis of your social media channels and prepare a specific goal-oriented strategy.
  3. I implement the strategy and track results of our efforts.
  4. I prepare and send a report based on the results and make small modifications to strategy in order to generate even better results.

Still not sure about it? Don’t take my word for it. Feel free to contact any of the businesses that have shared their testimonials with you on this page. Each one of them will be happy to speak to the value I brought their organization.

Ready to rock your social media?

I want to maintain the quality of work I’m producing so I only take a few projects at a time. I currently have availability for 2 new clients. I want to make sure you get the best possible results from our relationship and that is achievable by ensuring we’re a great fit. Not everyone is, which is totally ok, but there’s definitely something there if:

  • You’re aware of the importance marketing has on achieving your business goals,
  • You were already thinking about hiring help for social media marketing, because you want someone with a fresh approach and a new set of eyes,
  • You know buying likes and followers is a highway to hell, you want to build a genuine community and engage with them.

If you’re looking for someone who’ll take away the stress of doing marketing every single day and bring you actual tangible results so you can focus on growing your business, we’ll work great together.

Are you ready to take that first, simple step and reassure this is something you will benefit from? That’s great news! Send me a message and we’ll set up a time to discuss the details! No strings attached!

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Want to work with me, but you’re looking for a smaller, one time collaboration? Super Spicy Session, 1-on-1 professional consulting session, might be right for you. The session lasts for an hour. We discuss the things you need to improve on social media in order to get the results needed to grow your business. You can get that for a flat fee of $245. There are limited spots available, but you can secure your spot here.