If you never heard of Meerkat before, now is the time to check it out. I’m serious. Meerkat is definitely something marketers are excitedly talking about these days. And they have a good reason.

A few days after Ben Rubin has launched Meerkat, I’ve been emailing my subscribers, telling they have to try Meerkat. (You’re not on my mailing list? Hop on it now so you can receive fresh updates like this as well!) I knew this app is going to change the marketing landscape and everything seems like it really is.


Brands hoped on the Meerkat train pretty early, considering the app is still quite new. Red Bull, MasterCard, Starbucks, JCPenney were among the first ones using the app. Red Bull used it to live-stream their snowboarding trials, Starbucks broadcasted from their roastery, MaterCard streamed within the elevator during it’s “Priceless Pitch” at SXSW festival. The response has been pretty amazing.

What’s in it for your brand if you start using Meerkat?

Connecting with your audience. Live. There’s so much magic in connecting with them in this straightforward manner, you’re going to want to do it over and over again.

I’ve said it many many times before, your fans want to connect with you, be a part of your brand. This is it. You’re including them in your process, life, work, everything. You’re turning them into a loyal advocates of your brand and that should be your ultimate goal.

Types Of Users

Here are two features that make Meerkat even more awesome

Twitter integration

You can start streaming right away. Meerkat is going to push our a tweet, letting your followers know you’re live (great for a first-time Meerkat user, you have a small audience right away!). They can then favourite, retweet or even comment your stream within the Meerkat itself.

And what happens on Meerkat, happens on Twitter. A comment on Meerkat will appear on Twitter as well. Pretty neat! (I got to connect with a bunch of people this way. Loved it.)

Scheduling streams

Ben Rubin, CEO, said that stream scheduling was developed with marketers and brands in mind. It makes it so easy for brands to schedule streams, letting know their followers they’re up to something. Followers can then subscribe to the stream and Meerkat is going to let them know when the stream is live.

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Do you see the potential Meerkat has? Or are you still not sure about it and you’ll rather wait and see what happens to Meerkat in the following months? Let me know in the comments below.

P.s. Follow me on Meerkat as well! I’m hiding under @mojcamars.


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