Let’s play a game.

You have two Facebook posts. One is incredibly popular, and it got you 5x more likes and comments than other posts.

The other one is failing miserably. You’ve put great effort into it. You were sure this is the real deal but for some reason it didn’t bring you any likes or comments.

The first post reached a solid amount of your Facebook fans, you really can’t complain.

The second post … not so much. You barely reached a small fraction of your audience.

In which one of these posts should you invest into? What’s the best step you can take here?

What would you put in your display window?

Think of it like this.

You’re running a retail store, and you’re just about to rearrange your display window.

You have two products to choose from. One that is very popular with your customers. And the other one who gets barely any sales.

Which one would you put in your display window? The popular one? Or the one you have trouble selling to your customers?

Bet on your best assets

If you’re smart, you’re going to showcase the most popular product and attract more customers with that approach. After all, the product is popular for a reason.

Why not ride the wave of this popularity, attract new customers and get new sales by virtually doing nothing more than observing your customer’s habits.

But you would be surprised at how many companies do the exact opposite. “Maybe this non-popular product just needs a little push.”

The truth is — it doesn’t need a little push. Your customers just don’t like it. It’s a shame but I’m sure other people who you’ll expose the product to won’t like it either.

You shouldn’t forcefully promote products your customers aren’t interested in. Doing that can discourage them from visiting your store again.

Investing in things that don’t resonate with your target audience will be a constant struggle between you believing there is something there, and your customers plain ignoring the product for a reason.

But you can grow your business pretty easily by promoting successful things, products, and content. All you have to do is listen to your audience.

Boost posts that deserve boosting

Your Facebook posts are basically products too. Some are popular because they’re perfectly tailored to your audience’s interests. Others pass by like they weren’t even there. Only a fraction of your audience sees them before they disappear.

You’re not going to produce popular and engaging posts all the time. But when that happens you should go all in and ride the wave of popularity. It’s all about getting the most out of it.

So which posts should you boost? The popular ones.

Their popularity should tell you something. They obviously resonate with your target audience. They’re valuable, entertaining. Whatever it is — they put you in front of a larger audience, and that’s what you should be striving for.

Who should you boost your posts too?

Most successful tactic for boosting posts is promoting them to the audience that already knows you. Using this approach can get you over a hundred engagements with just $5 invested.

For those of you familiar with my content, I’m probably beginning to sound like a broken record. But advertising your posts to the people that already know you is a shortcut to effectiveness.

Because you’re advertising to the audience that’s familiar with your company, you don’t need to establish trust before showing them your content. Therefore, your ads will be cheaper and more effective.

When boosting posts, you can use the following audiences:

  • People who liked your Page,
  • People who liked your Page and their friends,
  • Your website visitors,
  • Your customers,
  • Your subscribers.

Experiment with different audiences and see which audience is the most receptive to your posts.

Boosting posts is my favorite way to grow my Facebook Page

Whenever I boost a popular post to my audience (I usually use ‘People who like your Page and their friends’ option), my Facebook Page grows.

My organic reach increases. I grow my Facebook audience and get new people to communicate with. I get new prospects — true story!

And all I do is spend around $25 every week for boosting my most popular posts.

Money well spent? Hell yes.

Your take

Go to your Facebook Page right now and see which recently published post performed well. You can see this from your general Facebook Page with observing the number of likes you got or by going into Facebook Insights and getting your data from there.

Take that popular post and boost it for $3-5 to your Facebook fans and their friends.

Seriously, you can’t miss with that one.

I promise you’ll end up with new post likes, Page likes and maybe even prospects. Whatever it is, the benefits are inevitable. Your connection with your audience is going to be stronger; you will have new people to communicate with.

Heck, I’m willing to bet on your success so much that if it doesn’t work, come back to me and we will find a solution together. That’s a promise.

It’s time for you to start being proactive with growing your business with Facebook. This is only the beginning.

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