If you have normal internet access and you follow at least the most important updates on social media, you probably heard the news that Jack Dorsey took over as Twitter’s permanent CEO. And it was no surprise that some major updates got released pretty fast. The biggest one that we should all pay attention to are Moments. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Collections of Tweets

If I were to describe Moments in one sentence, I would tell you they’re a curated collection of tweets. “Moments that matter now,” says Twitter. New stories will emerge throughout the day. Stories about sports, conversations between world leaders, commentary of a big event, citizens reporting an event …

These are full-sized tweets, photos and videos. It’s just like swiping through an online magazine, reading about a certain topic.

If you use Snapchat, this is very similar to Snapchat Discover with a minor difference — Snapchat Discover stories are created by brands, Twitter Moments by many different people, companies or organisations.

With Twitter Moments you can also browse through different categories like “Sports” and “Entertainment”. So you can definitely find something for yourself.

How does it work?

You can access Twitter’s Moments through your native app’s navigation bar. (Nope, it doesn’t work with 3rd party apps. At least not now.) But it does work on web as well.


Here’s how Twitter describes engaging with a Moment:

  • When you click into a Moment, you’re taken to an introduction with a title and description.
  • Start swiping to dive right into the story, with immersive full-bleed images and autoplaying videos, Vines, and GIFs.
  • A single tap gives you a fuller view of the Tweet, which you can favorite, Retweet, and more. A double tap lets you instantly favorite the Tweet.
  • The progress bar at the bottom indicates how much more each Moment has to offer.
  • Swiping up or down dismisses the Moment and takes you back to the guide.
  • At the end of a Moment, click the share button to Tweet your thoughts, and send it out to your followers.

You can also follow a moment if you don’t want to miss any major updates on that story.

Can an average user create “Moments” too?

Ok, this all sounds very likeable and useful. I feel like I want to create something similar too! So the questions is – can an average user create “Moments” too?

Nope. At least not yet. Twitter is openly talking about principles and guidelines for curating Moments so they’re basically giving us a hint this will be possible. But for now, Moments are curated by Twitter’s curation team with the help of some of their partners.

So we’ll wait.

Is the feature available to everyone?

Bad news – nope. Not yet. It’s available for the users from the US, but the rest of the world sadly didn’t get included in the update. They are working hard to bring them outside the US, but for now you can only enjoy Moments if someone shares them with you (via link or DM).

Here’s an example of a moment:

So .. what’s the point?

Twitter needs to get more users, pronto. This is for all the people that don’t really get Twitter. And for all the users that aren’t coming back for more.

I personally think it’s a fun update and I’m looking forward to testing it out. But to be totally honest, I don’t know if it’ll bring any significant value for me. I have my circle of people who I like to follow, I don’t need curated stories that don’t interest me to start with.

BUT if I could curate Moments for my followers, well … that’s something totally different. A game-changer maybe. But we’ll have to wait for that, won’t we?

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