Twitter is a text-first social media, that’s why images have much bigger impact. Photos can even get you more retweets, did you know that? So here’s a hint – when promoting new service, blog post or whatever, include a photo besides the usual URL and text.

But if you want your photos to be Twitter-friendly and reach their full potential, you should know what the image dimensions are in order your photo is displayed beautifully. Don’t worry, I got you covered.

So let’s say I want to make a photo I’ll post on Twitter together with this article. Because, you know, visuals drive more engagement. I already have a photo designed for Facebook (a BIG thumbnail image of course) and it pretty much looks like they’re the same size so … I post the same photo on Twitter.

This is how the original looks like:

twitter large image

And this is how it looks like on Twitter:

twitter large image

As you can see it cuts it off at the bottom. And I was using photo dimensions that were pretty similar to standard Twitter photo dimensions. Look what happens if I use a totally different dimensions. Original (square) looks like this:

Facebook square

And on Twitter this looks like this:

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 23.53.54

Can you see how much Twitter cuts it off? You can’t even see the text!

So what dimensions should you use?

If you want your image to be displayed perfectly, you should use these dimensions:

twitter image size

Design or drop an image according to this and you’ll be good to go! No more wondering how will your photo be displayed, this is the perfect solution.

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  • Dan

    is there a way to post a link with an image designed to show the “larger” image on Facebook AND Twitter? The “large” size for Facebook is 630 x 1200, but when the same article with image is posted on Twitter, it gets reduced to a small thumbnail. Is there a way to have an image designed for both? Thanks for any help!!