Have you seen it? I know I did. Twitter is testing out new embedded analytics within their iOS app. And as a geeky social media marketer I was excited like a little kid on a Christmas morning.

I cannot emphasise it enough – measuring results of your social media activity is vital to your marketing success. Not many people measure their progress and success, but those who do are always one step ahead of competition. Twitter knows how important analytics is so they’ve embedded it into their app.

twitter analytics

What metrics are included in Analytics details?

The metrics you can measure are: Total impressions (how many people saw your tweet), Total engagements (how many people were somehow engaged with your tweet) and Engagement rate (what percentage of people that saw your tweet also engaged with it).

Twitter Analytics

You can also measure how many people clicked on a link within the tweet or how many people clicked to expand your tweet. It’s pretty cool!

So what now?

Your Twitter analytics are now accessible like never before. You can track it on the go! Here’s your chance to really step up your game! Analyse your tweets. Which performed great and which didn’t? Why? And how can you make it better?

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