3 pillars every successful social media strategy has

Can you imagine having access to s step-by-step blueprint on how to build a million-dollar business? Seriously, imagine that right now.

I mean, that sure comes with its downsides, but … heck, the majority of people would take that in a heartbeat.

Sure beats the never-ending pursuit of success while not even knowing if you’re close to the finish line. Or if there even is a finish line for that matter.

But the thing is, while there may not be a blueprint for building a million-dollar business, there is a social media blueprint that ensures an improvement of your engagement rate. Better yet, it guarantees more clients and prospects.

And it starts with 3 pillars.

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Twitter Strategy in 60 minutes

Let’s start with a story. Because stories are awesome.

A few years ago I got fired from an advertising agency I worked at. We didn’t get along; my mindset was totally different from theirs. Our paths just went into different directions.

But still, I was warm and fuzzy there. I didn’t need to look for clients. I didn’t need to think about business growth. They brought everything on a platter. I just did my work, and that was it.

But then that day came. They called me in the conference room and told me the news. I saw it coming, but hey, no one’s ready for this.

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How Often Should You Tweet Per Day?

Preparing your Twitter strategy isn’t an easy task. If you’re like most people you often get stuck at this question – how many time should I tweet per day? You’re right, Twitter isn’t a channel that can be figured out easily. But once you do “crack the code” you can get so much out of it. So … how many times should you really tweet?

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