No, you won’t get better at Facebook Ads in 2017

It’s around 11 AM, my bag is ready, I’ve taken my first few sips of the new pre-workout blend I recently bought (so tasty, yum!), and I’m halfway through the door.

This is how my Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday starts. You’re right; I go to the gym 5x/week for a few years now. And I love every second of it.

I haven’t taken a good photo of my progress for months now, but here’s one from 1.5 years ago:

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A story about my ripped jeans … and targeting

A few weeks ago I bought myself a nail polish in the color of our car. Yes, I am that crazy, you better believe it.

I wanted to take it a step further as I always do. So I went to the store to buy a Matte Top Coat just to complement the beautiful color of my nails. Found the Top Coat in under 10 minutes (RECORD!) and I was off.

Just as I was leaving the store, there was a man standing in front of it and giving away some pamphlets to everyone. And I mean everyone.

What was going on? And what has this to do with…targeting?

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Facebook Algorithm: Should you be worried?

I could easily compare my summer to a busy street in the middle of the day. A little bit hectic and lots of work to do, but if you like that kind of vibe, you end up enjoying it.

Nonetheless, I needed some time off. Speaking at conferences, an incredible amount of client work, client onboarding, and launching your own products does take its toll. So I spent this weekend in Switzerland on an event called Cars & Coffee Lugano, but we extended our stay a little bit and enjoyed our time in this beautiful hotel with gorgeous spa.

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Which Facebook posts to boost?

Let’s play a game.

You have two Facebook posts. One is incredibly popular, and it got you 5x more likes and comments than other posts.

The other one is failing miserably. You’ve put great effort into it. You were sure this is the real deal but for some reason it didn’t bring you any likes or comments.

The first post reached a solid amount of your Facebook fans, you really can’t complain.

The second post … not so much. You barely reached a small fraction of your audience.

In which one of these posts should you invest into? What’s the best step you can take here?

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How to transform your bored audience into raving fans?

I like attending good conferences. It’s not that I’m a passionate conference goer, but I do like learning from incredible people that have grown envy-worthy businesses.

The one thing I also love about conferences are the chats I usually have with other attendees. It’s unbelievable how much you can learn by listening and asking a couple of in-depth questions.

But here’s what happened to me one time at a conference.

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4,200% Facebook audience growth in 1 day

The frustration that usually comes with growing your Facebook audience is incredible. And I get it. When Facebook Page Likes are coming in one a day (or sometimes not even that), it feels like a never-ending drought.

But there’s a solution to everything. Well, usually it is. There’s still no solution for my obsession with onesies and willingness to spend hundreds for them.

But there is definitely a solution for the frustration you’ve been experiencing when trying to grow your Facebook Page.

Last week I experimented with an incredible hack not many people even know about. And the results were fascinating.

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Best Instagram Hashtags

100+ Best Instagram Hashtags [FREEBIE]

What’s the fastest way of getting new likes and followers on Instagram organically? Hashtags.

It’s no secret anymore that hashtags are an incredibly effective way of getting more exposure.

That said, there are a couple of rules you should follow when using hashtags to grow your Instagram audience and increase your likes.

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social media for b2b

Social Media for B2B

Finally! Just a couple of hours ago I finished outlining my talks for two conferences I’ll be speaking at this season, first one being in the United States and the second one in Sweden.

Those outlines are usually the hardest part of planning a talk, and I’m finally starting to feel the excitement of delivering so much value to the audience.

But no matter how well-structured your talk is and how detailed your knowledge about the audience is, people will be left with burning questions at the end of your presentation. That’s perfectly natural as the tactics you describe usually apply to different businesses in a different way.

I still remember this guy from Double Your Freelancing Conference last September that came up to me right after my talk. I already answered a bunch of questions on stage, but he needed me to make something clear for him.

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