social media for b2b

Social Media for B2B

Finally! Just a couple of hours ago I finished outlining my talks for two conferences I’ll be speaking at this season, first one being in the United States and the second one in Sweden.

Those outlines are usually the hardest part of planning a talk, and I’m finally starting to feel the excitement of delivering so much value to the audience.

But no matter how well-structured your talk is and how detailed your knowledge about the audience is, people will be left with burning questions at the end of your presentation. That’s perfectly natural as the tactics you describe usually apply to different businesses in a different way.

I still remember this guy from Double Your Freelancing Conference last September that came up to me right after my talk. I already answered a bunch of questions on stage, but he needed me to make something clear for him.

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3 must-have social media tools

If I can tell you one characteristic about social media industry is that it’s obsessed with tools. Content scheduling, automating, audience analytics, cross-posting, you name it. You have a general problem? There’s a pretty good chance you’ll find a tool that fixes it.

I’m going to go even deeper and say that social media industry is too obsessed with tools. Instead of focusing on the problem at hand and improving their social media presence, people like to do the exact opposite and heal their souls with fancy social media tools.

I’m not saying tools that make our lives easier shouldn’t have a place in our day-to-day processes. They just shouldn’t be used as a band-aid to put over some wounds we have from dealing with problems that go deeper from ‘when to post on social media’.

So which tools you should really use?

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Everything starts with an audience

I recently got invited to work on a great project with lots of potential. I sent out an invoice and immediately after it got paid, I got down to work.

The first thing I did was a quick social media teardown. I always do that at the beginning, before I get totally entangled with the project. I need to be able to look at clients’ social media communication from a stranger’s perspective. Someone who knows nothing or very little about the project.

The teardown results were pretty usual, something I’m totally used to:

  • Client lacked a common line in their communication; they were all over the place.
  • Instead of focusing on the audience and giving them value, they focused on themselves and were overly promotional.
  • Photos weren’t of right dimensions.
  • They violated some Facebook’s policies, and that lowered their Page Ranking.
  • I could go on, but you get it.

But … something was off. More than ever before.

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Why you should start paying real attention to Facebook Videos

When you open up your Facebook app on your phone, what happens? There’s a very very very big chance you get sucked into the content and BAM, 30 minutes pass like it’s nothing. With constant tweaks to their video features Facebook is seriously winning their video game. Are you one of those people still waiting to hop on that opportunity? You’re late. Here’s why you should start paying real attention to Facebook Videos NOW.

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How to respond to negative comments on Facebook?

Let’s be totally honest. Negative comments and reviews will happen. Not because you’re bad at what you’re doing, but because you can’t please all people. And that’s totally fine! But there are certain ways you shouldn’t respond to negative reviews. You know what they say — you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. So here’s how you should do it.

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Facebook reach low

Why Is Your Facebook Reach Low?

You have a social media strategy. You prepare specific posts you’ll publish on your Facebook page. You’re ready to go and you have a great feeling about yourself. You publish your Facebook post and … nothing happens. The reach is so low you don’t want to talk about it. What’s the matter? Is this the case of Facebook killing organic reach? What should you do?

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