Best Instagram Hashtags

100+ Best Instagram Hashtags [FREEBIE]

What’s the fastest way of getting new likes and followers on Instagram organically? Hashtags.

It’s no secret anymore that hashtags are an incredibly effective way of getting more exposure.

That said, there are a couple of rules you should follow when using hashtags to grow your Instagram audience and increase your likes.

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Instagram Now With Landscape and Portrait Images

“Wow! This landscape photo really turned out great! Can’t wait to upload it on Instagram!” Have you ever been in situation like this before? I know a lot of Instagrammers that have been but solved the problem in their own way. Usually with that awkward white border on the photos. But because the landscape and portrait photos were gaining in popularity over the last year, Instagram decided to make a change and support that formats as well!

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Instagram: Hashtags in comments

So, what’s the deal with hashtags in a comment? Why do brands and users do that? Is there a reason behind it? These are some questions that might be bugging you and you’re not the only one. Here’s a short explanation on why and which occasions should you post hashtags in a comment.

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Hashtags on Twitter – How many should you use?

When I first opened my Twitter profile there was this thing staring back at me, called Hashtag. I was left wondering: “What is this? What does it do?” And the most important question of all: “How many can I use?” I’ve got it all figured out now and this is what you have to know.

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Hashtags on Instagram: How many should you use?

So you are just about to post this amazing photo on Instagram you’ve prepared. Everything looks great, but you end up wondering: “Should I include some hashtags or not? What hashtags should I use? And how many?” Here’s some good news – you’ll never have to wonder about this ever again. Here are the answers.

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