This is it. This is the sign you should start paying attention to Snapchat. In case you haven’t heard the news, Snapchat made a big update towards opening up media content to users. It’s a big update and I’ll be honest – I’m quite excited.

Snapchat just introduced a new feature called Discover. Discover is not about ads or push messages, it’s about storytelling. It has been built for creatives, for media companies to share their stories. It’s a unique way of consuming content – articles, videos, anything. Take a look at this introduction video:

Gary Vaynerchuck has said it multiple times: companies are becoming media companies. It’s about storytelling. And what’s different here is that Snapchat will control what content gets features. Gary explains:

One of the things that is most interesting in this update is that it allows Snapchat to control what content is at the forefront. In a world where the algorithm is more likely to control this, (like in Facebook’s case) this is big. Snapchat has gone out and made deals that allow them to curate some of the top content providers in the world in this one spot. It actually gives them a lot more power in the micromanagement of what shows up on the Discover page.

This is just a beginning. This feature will evolve and Gary is curious how:

I’m curious to see if we start getting another ten or fifteen or even thirty media companies added. Are you going to be able to move the icons around and have your own customisable homepage? Have the content providers you want? Are they going to give other content providers that are not media companies an opportunity to play in there?

Only time can tell that. By the way, if you’re still not excited, here are a few more reasons why you should be. But in the meantime while we wait for this to evolve, you must learn how to tell a story.

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