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Here’s the thing. You have a great chance of upgrading your Pinterest game and increasing your sales with their recent announcement. This is something sellers have been waiting for – Buyable Pins! Grab your chance. Here’s why.

Pinterest is a pretty amazing tool, especially for smaller or mid-sized shops. Their Guided Search is amazing for the user and for the business using Pinterest – if the business knows how to leverage it. But this month around there’s a great new feature coming and it’s called Buyable Pin.


What is a Buyable Pin?

Pinners and businesses spoke – Pinterest is great, but it would be even more amazing if you could buy directly from Pinterest. No redirecting to other sites, ending up on a home page of a store, desperately looking for that specific product you’re so excited about.

They wanted a simple solution – the chance of buying directly from Pinterest. Pinterest listened. And answered.

Buyable Pin will be here in just a couple of days

Good news! (Well, at least for the people from U.S.) Buyable Pin will be available on your iOS mobile devices in just a couple of days!


Buyable Pin is a Pin with a big “Buy it” button that allows you to checkout and pay for products from a certain shop directly on Pinterest. It will have a blue price that will set it apart from the regular Pins.

“Blue means you can buy,” says Pinterest.


They’re launching their Buyable Pin with several selected stores, like like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. And listen to this – they had this amazing announcement about thousands of other businesses getting Buyable Pins. But how?


Teaming up with Shopify

If you have your own shop established on a Shopify platform, you’re in luck. Pinterest teamed up with Shopify in the beginning so you’ll be among the first testing and using new Buyable Pin.

You just need to add new Pinterest sales channel to your Shopify account and you’re good to go. Read more about it here.

For now only on iOS in U.S.

Buyable Pins are coming on iOS in the following days. If you’re on Android or desktop, you’ll see them in future releases.

So … are you excited about this new feature? Or you don’t see the value they’re advertising? Let me know in the comments below!

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