Yep, I hear ya. Social media can be overwhelming. With all the work you have, how can you continually produce excellent content for your social media channels?

And as you know, you need great content if you want to get some tangible results from your actions. You don’t want to be doing social media just for the sake of doing it, right?

If you’re not regularly present in user’s timelines with excellent content … well, it’s like you don’t even exist. You can kiss new social media leads and conversions goodbye. But don’t kiss it goodbye just yet. I have a solution.

I know you run out of ideas for social media content from time to time. It’s nothing wrong with that, all of my clients went through the exact same process.

What is wrong though is the fact that when this happens a lot of companies and consultants just go silent. Too bad because getting back on your feet after going silent for weeks or months is incredibly hard. But let me tell you something …

You don’t need to go silent. Ever. You already have all the content you need. You just don’t know it yet.

“What the hell is she talking about?” Right? I know the feels. Let me explain.

You don’t need to invent new content for your social media. That does have its advantages, but if you’re short on time, that’s just not possible.

Instead, you can repurpose old but great content you already have!

Today we’re going to talk about 5 content sources you can always turn to when you’re in need of social media content. I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re not going to have an excuse for not being present on social media anymore.

Blog posts

Blog posts are pure fountains of value! So why do you let those fountains stand still when you have the ability to use them over and over again and feed people with your content?

You put so much effort into writing your blog posts it’s a shame to share them just once and then let them sit on your webpage for months with people barely noticing. The value is there, the content is there. Reuse it!

My blog posts are over 1000 words long. Do you know how much value I provide in each of them? I pour years of knowledge in my posts. Why would I promote that knowledge only once?

Here’s what I do instead: I take little snippets of content out of each blog post and share it on social media. The punchlines, the value, the quotes — everything gets reused. Why wouldn’t it?

With today’s information overload, your content can get quickly overlooked. There’s nothing wrong with sharing the same knowledge several times. After all, if you want to establish your authority in a specific industry, you will repeat yourself many times before you get to that point.

PRO TIP: Want to take it to the next level? Perfect. Create a visual that goes along with the blog post snippet and spice it up a bit. Like I did here.


Took me a minute to do this. What’s your excuse?

‘Sent’ folder

‘Sent’ folder. There is nothing more underestimated than this.


You get a lot of emails. Your clients ask you questions about a particular topic, your audience needs help with that other thing. You’re constantly helping people with your knowledge and expertise. The sad part? That knowledge stays on your email forever, bringing value only to the person on the other side.

Don’t let that happen.

Instead, check your ‘sent’ folder. Check it out right now. There is an enormous amount of content and value sitting right there.

Why keep it hidden like that? Copy-paste those bits of advice, clarifications, tips and publish it on social media. Build your authority and expertise. It was about time.

Slack Conversations

If you’re like 90% of the people I know, you’re in at least 3 Slack groups. You engage in conversations, ask questions and share your knowledge.

Again, that knowledge stays trapped in the Slack room. Why?

When you answer questions about a topic you’re an expert at, share that with other people who aren’t in your Slack group. There is an incredibly good chance other people are asking those questions too and don’t know where to look for answers. Give them the opportunity to listen to you.

Forum discussions

Engaging in online conversations is already a proven technique for extending your reach beyond the audience that already knows you.

You look for the painful questions you know an answer to and show your expertise by teaching people new things. All well and good.

You put a lot of effort in presenting yourself as an authority, but those comments usually just stay where they are — on that platform.

If you put so much effort into spreading your knowledge, why don’t you generate those answers somewhere and create a file of content for your social media updates?

The problems you’re solving for people on online forums are the problems other people are struggling with too. They’re looking for answers, give it to them.

Other social media channels

What happens with the impressive knowledge bomb you drop on Twitter? It’s there for a while, a day max, but then it gets pushed down the Twitter timeline and is forgotten about.

Why don’t you use the content from Twitter and post the same knowledge bomb on Facebook? And vice versa?

“Mojca, do you mean cross-posting content automatically?”

Hell no. I hate that.

I’m talking about taking a particular topic and manually cross-posting it onto another channel, slightly changing the messaging. You gotta use a different language on Facebook than you do on Twitter.

My Twitter audience is different than my Facebook audience. Serving a similar piece of content to both audiences is just expanding my authority and helping me build a solid foundation.

Bottom line

Original content on social media is an excellent strategy to get more followers and likes. You’re sharing something original on social media you don’t share anywhere else.

But there are moments when your schedule just doesn’t allow you to create original content. Hey, it happens. But you shouldn’t go silent because of that.

From today on you have 5 different content resources you can always go to when you’ll get stuck. You have absolutely no excuse left. So … what about now?

Question time

Which of the 5 resources are you going to use the most for repurposing your valuable content? Answer in the comments below!

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