It’s around 11 AM, my bag is ready, I’ve taken my first few sips of the new pre-workout blend I recently bought (so tasty, yum!), and I’m halfway through the door.

This is how my Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday starts. You’re right; I go to the gym 5x/week for a few years now. And I love every second of it.

I haven’t taken a good photo of my progress for months now, but here’s one from 1.5 years ago:


I started working out in early fall, not in January or right before summertime. It was fairly easy too — I decided that I need to get fit and healthy ASAP, so I went ahead and bought myself an expensive monthly pass. I had no excuse now. I had to wake up the next day and go to the gym.

After that day, I never looked back. And I was a regular gym-goer from that moment on.

But that’s not true for most people that make big New Year resolutions about getting fit.

“2017 is the year I’ll start going to the gym once a week!”

“2017 is the year I’ll lose 25 pounds!”

Sounds familiar?

January is one of the busiest months for the gym I’m visiting. Most of the faces are new, and suddenly I’m having trouble with executing that perfect training because everything is full.

But come February, and it ’s the same faces from last year all over again. We nod to each other as we come to an empty gym in February, thinking: “Well, we knew this would happen. It happens every year.” 

It’s true; New Year resolutions never stick more than a month.

Same goes for your Facebook Ads resolutions.

Here’s the problem

December 31st ticks away and BAM! —> January 1st is here! YAY!

*Cue the fireworks*

But the thing is — nothing really changed.

You wake up the next day and all that really changed is the way we write the year we’re in. It’s still the same you. You still own the same business. You still have the same habits you had last year.

Expecting something big to happen without consciously putting an effort towards it through a period of several months is pointless.

But that’s what happens with most NY resolutions.

We get excited as we think the 1st of January will change everything. But it doesn’t.

And because it doesn’t, we get demotivated, throw everything away, and continue with our lives like we did before the New Year.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. And there’s a way to make your NY resolutions about Facebook Ads really really stick.

Setting a goal isn’t enough

Most NY resolutions are made like this: “In 2017 I’m going to grow my business with Facebook Ads.” But it’s not like you can wake up the next morning, snap your fingers, and BAM! — you’re growing your business with Facebook Ads.

You have to make an effort.

You would be wrong thinking there’s an empty space between the point where you’re at right now and the destination you’re trying to reach. There are dozens of smaller (or bigger) steps that need to be made if you don’t want to be stuck on the same point in 1 years time.

So instead of setting up a goal and hoping for the best, plan a path that will get you to that goal.

And don’t leave it like that. Besides jotting down all of the steps you need to make, set deadlines for those steps.

Remember, deadlines are not your enemy. They’re rather a friendly reminder of the big and ambitious goals you planned out for yourself. And goals you’re going to achieve if you just follow that process.

I know for a fact that growing your business with Facebook Ads is one of the goals you want to achieve in 2017. Facebook Ads open up tons of different possibilities of growing in a way you haven’t been able before.

You’ll finally be able to reach your target audience whenever you want to. And you will have a great platform to communicate and connect with them.

So here are the steps you need to take if you’re serious about getting serious with Facebook Ads in 2017.

2017: The year you’ll finally start advertising on Facebook

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a complete guideline on how to start advertising on Facebook. And it all starts at the very beginning.

Step 1: Create a Facebook Page

If you don’t have a Facebook Page already (I’m shocked if you don’t!), this is the perfect time to create it. Why?

Having a Facebook Page unlocks one of the most important features Facebook Advertising has to offer — advertising in News Feed. If you don’t have a Facebook Page, you won’t be able to advertise in that section, even though using that ad placement turns out to be one of the most effective and successful strategies.

As soon as you have a Facebook Page (YAY!), fill it up with quality content. When you start advertising, you will be exposing your Facebook Page to a huge audience. People frequently check out the Facebook Pages of the advertisers they’re targeted from. It’s important to start gaining their trust with quality content from a get go.

Not sure where to begin with your content development? No worries! Learn about 3 pillars every successful social media strategy has.

Step 2: Create your Facebook Ad Account

Just as there is no Mojca without a dinosaur onesie, there are no Facebook Ads without a Facebook Ad Account.

Creating a Facebook Ad Account is easy, and you can do it in 3 mins tops.

Step 3: Create a Facebook Pixel & Implement it

Every Facebook Ad Account comes with its own Facebook Tracking Pixel. Make sure to implement it to your webpage as soon as possible.


You want Facebook to start generating data about your website visitors as soon as possible. The sooner you’ll implement this, the more data you’ll be able to take advantage for.

For example: If you get 500 website visitors/day and you implement a Facebook Pixel today, you’ll be able to advertise to only 500 people tomorrow. Well, even less since Facebook isn’t able to match your website visitors 100%.

But if you would implement it only 3 days ago, you would have an audience of 1500 people ready for your use today!

Need I say more?

Here’s how to implement your Facebook Pixel to your webpage today:

Step 4: Create a Lead Magnet

You know what’s the biggest mistake a vast majority of advertisers do? The first campaign they create is a promotional one, promoting a product or a service they sell. Usually to a cold audience.

That naturally doesn’t go the way they planned. It’s like knocking on a door in Puerto Rico, selling a show shovel. They’ll probably laugh it out and close their door forever before you had the opportunity of saying anything.

(Hint: They have no modern record of it ever snowing in Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans are therefore not your target audience. If you sell snow shovels that is. Don’t ask me how I know this.)

The absolute best way for you to get started with Facebook Ads is by implementing an advertising campaign for a valuable Lead Magnet that you have developed.

Starting with a Lead Magnet will earn you trust and build your authority. If there’s an email sequence following that Lead Magnet — even better. Keep your user engaged and ready to purchase.

But if you haven’t had the chance of creating a Lead Magnet, now is the time to do so.

You don’t need anything complicated or grandiose. You just need something valuable.

Here are some Lead Magnet ideas:

  • 5-day Email Course
  • Simple PDF Cheat Sheet
  • PDF Checklist
  • 3 valuable 3-minute videos
  • PDF collection of your most popular blog posts
  • Free chapter of your ebook

Choose your destiny. And make your first step right now.

Step 5: Create Ads for your Lead Magnet

Oh yeah, it’s time for the really fun part! Let’s get this party started!

You’ve taken care of the basics. Your Facebook Page is up and running; your Facebook Pixel is collecting data.

It’s now time to create a Facebook Ads for your Lead Magnet.

Wait, who should I target?

Great question!

You have several options you can go for:

  • Your Website Visitors (use Custom Audiences)
  • Lookalike Audiences (use Custom Audiences)
  • Interest Targeting

You want your first ads to be as effective as possible. I recommend starting with your Website Visitors before moving onto the other targeting options. That way you’ll ensure great progress while you experiment with new things.

Ok, what about the budget?

Well, this really is up to you and your capabilities.

If you’re just touching around for the first time and you don’t operate with large budgets, then starting with $5-10/day is a good start.

But if you can afford more, $50-$100/day is even better.

Larger budgets will naturally accumulate larger profits. You’ll also operate with larger amounts of data which you can use to your advantage later.

But remember: The guys with the big bucks don’t always win. The smart ones do, no matter the budget.

Great! How do I develop the actual ad?

There are two creative elements to every ad: copy and visuals.

Your copywriting should reflect the painful problem your target audience is struggling with and the solution your Lead Magnet provides.

Remind your audience of the painful problem, and offer them a sweet relief.

Here are 3 very good examples of that:

My favorite principle is: Minimal, but impactful.

If there’s a catchphrase or a powerful slogan you can use, put it on the photo to reiterate the message and draw attention. I usually design the text on a relevant image, something the target audience connects with easily.That said, don’t overdo it. Having 5 different elements on your visuals will distract the user from the core message he/she should be receiving.

Besides other examples above, here’s another good one:

Where all of the examples above are custom-made work, it would be impossible to expect everyone to take time to create custom designs.

If that’s an option you can’t pursue, you’d be happy to hear about Canva! Canva is a fantastic tool that makes designing social media content — even Facebook Ads — a lot easier.

Read more about Canva and 4 other BEST tools for social media management.

What now?

I know what you’re thinking.

“I’m going to start implementing this tomorrow. I have no time today.”

But you do have time. You just have to make this your priority. You’ve been neglecting it for too long.

Why would it be your priority? Because the potential of growing your business to incredible heights has never been bigger.

Do you want to be the one that at the end of 2017 regrets the choices he never took? Or the one who ends up not only accomplishing his goals but surpassing them by 200%?

The choice is yours.

Your turn

What step will you do today towards this? Let me know by commenting below, and I’ll make sure to hold you accountable!

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