“So … how long have you been singing for?”

A week or two ago I was a guest on another podcast, and at the end of the podcast the interviewer asked me this question. Definitely not something I expected. He really did his homework!

A few years back I wanted to be a singer. I started singing when I was a kid, and later on even attended singing lessons. I was in a few bands, performing all around town.

Good ol’ times.

This was one of those questions that caught me off guard.

Not like the question I get asked a lot. And the question I want to address today:

“What’s the #1 thing people should be doing on Facebook, but aren’t?”

Back in the days

There was a time when owning a small-business was just starting to get acceptable. And kind of normal.

Small business owners wanted to compete with big companies. And the best way to do that (pre-social media era) was to create an impression of a big organization that gives their clients the same treatment big corporations do.

The more corporate-ish you appeared, the better it was. People were drawn to that.

But times have changed my friend. And alongside that, the business landscape has changed as well.

What about today?

Things are different now.

Large corporations are trying to attract people with action more human. Sharing more personal content. Appearing smaller than they actually are.

Walmart is showcasing their employees and associates that worked so hard during last year’s Christmas season.

Ferrari is taking their audience behind the scenes and showing them how their cars get built in the actual factory.

AT&T recorded a video of their employees talking about diversity for MLK Day.

And Amazon is giving their sellers a platform to share their personal story through video.

Do you recognize a common theme here?

Personality. Stories. Faces.

#1 thing you should be doing

So yeah. If I had to pinpoint the #1 thing people should be doing on Facebook, but aren’t — that would definitely be PERSONALITY.

Don’t get me wrong. Sharing value with your audience is crucial.

But people usually have a much easier time creating valuable content then actual personal content. It’s the personality aspect that gets suppressed every time.

People want to hear stories. They want to be taken behind the scenes of your business. Of your personal life.

They want to get a better sense of what kind of person you are.

So why don’t you give that to them?

Hey look, I vlogged!

I was speaking at a conference in Germany last month. And I did something differently. During my stay there I recorded a few vlogs.

Look, I’m practicing what I preach, always. Same goes for this personality thing.

The response was amazing. Messages started rolling in, people liked and commented on my videos, I grew my audience with sharing my personal content.

Best of all? People got to see the real me. And once I established that personal connection, they came back for more.

Check out these videos!

I want to share those videos with you too. Especially for you to get that little bit of inspiration, so you can do something similar and see how important it is to communicate that personal side of yours.

I know what you’re thinking.

“This had to be so complicated to create?”

Nope. I shot everything with my iPhone 7 Plus, edited the movie on my iPhone in iMovie, and bam. No trickery, no preparation, just pure fun.

One more thing

Honestly, if I wouldn’t pick up my phone one day and started recording a video, I never would have done it.

Don’t overthink it. Grab your phone now and shoot your first 30-second video. You won’t regret it.

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