It’s been over a year since Pinterest announced their new ad platform. Their actually right before launching it and trust me, you don’t want to miss it. Here’s your chance. Join the waiting list now. Here’s why.

Pinterest is definitely an overlooked and undervalued social media network. While everybody’s talking about Twitter and Facebook, some companies are literally winning at Pinterest! There is a *huge* audience on Pinterest and best of all – they’re all in buying-mode while browsing. So why wouldn’t you be the one to take a big chunk of that yummy cake as well?


The first results

I actually already wrote about the great results companies are getting with Pinterest’s ads. But that was a year ago. So let’s talk a little bit about the benefits of advertising on Pinterest.

  1. It’s a fairly new advertising platform so the competition will probably be very low.
  2. Pinterest users are in buying-mode when browsing the network which basically means you have better chance of reaching the conversion faster and easier.
  3. The ads look pretty native. That’s again one of the ways towards better conversion rate.

And guess who’s also excited about Pinterest ads? Gary Vaynerchuck.

Not only he wrote about Pinterest as being one of the marketers’ new favourite advertising platform, he also explains why in the video below.

(If you’d like to jump to the part about Pinterest, click here.)

So … what to do now?

If you’re not already using Pinterest advertising tool, you should sign up today.

And ask yourself: Is your audience on Pinterest? Is Pinterest even suitable for you? What are similar companies doing? Do you have the right knowledge to get the best out of Pinterest advertising? How can you emulate other companies successes?

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