“Wow! This landscape photo really turned out great! Can’t wait to upload it on Instagram!” Have you ever been in situation like this before? I know a lot of Instagrammers that have been but solved the problem in their own way. Usually with that awkward white border on the photos. But because the landscape and portrait photos were gaining in popularity over the last year, Instagram decided to make a change and support that formats as well!

Instagram now supports landscape and portrait photos as well!

Even though this update is something professional Instagrammers and some brands are really excited to get, it still feels a little bit weird. I mean, Instagram’s square photos were part of its identity, don’t you think so?

Screenshot 2015-08-31 18.35.24

But still, I can’t deny landscape and portrait photos look great on Instagram! My stream now definitely looks more diverse, plus – no matter how hard you try, some photos just look better in those formats.

How can I upload landscape/portrait photos!

Well Instagram also updated the whole app. It looks a little bit different, but the landscape photos are very easy to upload.

1. Choose a photo you want to upload


2. Click the icon on the left


3. Edit the photo and upload!


Still the question remains

Even though Instagram is pushing some really great updates out of the door, people are still asking the same old question – “When will it be possible to switch between users without having to sign out/sign in?”

Instagram users with multiple accounts (usually social media managers) are having a really really hard time switching between users. Even I am complaining about this, yet Instagram does NOTHING.

The questions “why” still bugs me. After this missing feature got traction between users, we all thought things are going to change … but they didn’t. We’re still waiting for this feature to arrive. Is it ever going to?

But until then

… we’ll just play with the new features, filters and everything else. And figure out the way to make our Instagram presence better by the day.

And what do you think about this new update? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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