So, what’s the deal with hashtags in a comment? Why do brands and users do that? Is there a reason behind it? These are some questions that might be bugging you and you’re not the only one. Here’s a short explanation on why and which occasions should you post hashtags in a comment.

If you’re a small brand building an audience, hashtags are pretty much a must. With hashtags you can reach a bigger audience, expose yourself to more people and therefore get better results.

But what about hashtags in comments? Why do some brands and users put them there?

Instagram hashtags in comments

Hashtags in a comment have the exact same function as those in a photo description. They are discoverable for people searching that same hashtags. So if you post a photo with a normal photo description and later put the important hashtags in a comment it is as if you’re posting a photo with that same hashtags in a photo description.

So when should you post hashtags in a comment?

Ah, here’s when! Can you imagine a brand posting an Instagram photo with 30 hashtags in a photo description on a Facebook page? Or on Twitter? It looks ridiculous!

Instagram Hashtags Comment

Here’s how that looks on Twitter. Hashtags everywhere!

The bottom line: You should definitely post hashtags in a comment section when you use multiple hashtags for reaching a broader audience. Keep your photo description as clean as possible and rather exploit the power of Instagram hashtags in a comment section. This is much easier on the eye when it comes to sharing those same photos on other social media, such as Facebook or Twitter.

By the way, do you know that Instagram made switching between multiple Instagram accounts easier?

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  • Just Me

    Any idea why some accounts are able to post 30 #tags in the description AND 30 #tags in a comment on the same photo? When I try do it I get an error message, this doesn’t seem fair somehow :/

    • Mojca Marš

      There is an upper limit to hashtags. You can post only 30 hashtags on one photo. Can you send me a link to a photo where there are more hashtags used?

      • Just Me
      • Just Me
        • Mojca Marš

          I checked and tested it again. You can post 30 hashtags in the description and 30 in the comment section. That’s not working for you? I tested it myself and posted 4 hashtags on the photo and 30 in the comment section. It worked.

          • Just Me

            Get the error “Instagram seems to be having problems right now. Please try again in a few moments.”

            • Mojca Marš

              Hmm. What if you try adding hashtags in a comment on the web?

              • Just Me

                Posted then immediately removed itself. All #tags I’ve used before so I know they’re not blocked.
                Thanks for your help, seems the problem is on my account then.

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  • Spencer Pritchett

    Anyone have 30 working in both post and comments? I still see some users doing it somehow

    • Mojca Marš

      You can’t do it?


    Thank you for the clarification. It makes total sense!

  • “Ah, here’s when! Can you imagine a brand posting an Instagram photo with 30 hashtags in a photo description on a Facebook page? Or on Twitter? It looks ridiculous!”

    It does indeed, but it also looks ridiculous in the comments.

    • Mojca Marš

      It all comes down to the question: What results do you want from your Instagram presence and what are you willing to do for them?

      If increased engagement from hashtags in a comment outweighs the “ridiculousness”, great!

      • Maybe, but maybe produce great content that gets that kind of attention organically? Otherwise, ( and we all know it), the numbers are highly inflated and thus not a result of true interest and engagement but more of a reactive habit by people and bots.

        • Mojca Marš

          See, that’s the thing. Producing great content that gets attention organically is perfectly fine, but a lot harder than it looks. Especially because Instagram hasn’t yet figured out how to enable easier discovery for their users. For occasions like that, hashtags work perfectly fine. But if a brand is not comfortable using them — that’s okay too!

    • Amanda Koener

      The great part is that you can delete the comment later though. When you stop getting new likes on the post, just delete the comment. 🙂

      • But I have to admit that deleting the comment later is kinda clever.

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve been posting my hashtags as comments because it’s vastly easier for me to copy and paste them from my evernote lists on my desktop computer than it is for me to type it all in on my phone. I’ve wondered if they were showing up in search as well as those who put them in the initial photo post. You answered my question and I’m so glad the way I’ve been doing it is actually a good way.

    • Mojca Marš

      Thank you, Debbie! They are showing up in search as well! And it looks waaaay better, right? 😉

    • TDub

      Suggestion – Instead of using Evernote to copy, you can actually set up a shortcut in your phone settings that will auto populate. e.g Type #Food, and all your fav local food hashtags will self populate, #City, and your fav hashtags for that city can populate. It’s a lifesaver for me.

      • Ana DeJesus Termyna

        How do you create this shortcut?

        • TDub

          iPhone – Go to settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement

          • Gail

            Can you post how to do this in an android?

  • Marley Baird

    I just read this but I’m skeptical.. what do you think? “when you use more than two hashtags, your engagement actually drops by an average of 17 percent.” I had been using my 30 hashtags but wondering if I still should?

    • Mojca Marš

      This sounds counterintuitive. It’s the other way around — the more hashtags you use, the more likes you’re going to get. I’ve worked with many clients over the past years and we experimented with lots of different things. It always turned out that if we wanted to get new likes, followers and of course traction, we needed to use hashtags.

      Personally I don’t use 30 hashtags, I use about 10 per photo. But I get much better engagement because of the additional reach I haven’t been able to get without hashtags.

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  • GioDuke

    What about using an hasthag as comment in pics of instagram influencer to boost a brand? To me it’s sound like spam, but maybe it works.
    What do you think about?

    • Mojca Marš

      It will definitely do the job technically-wise. But I would put this in the same folder as spam, to be honest.
      Because of that, I have never actually tried it. And I doubt it would be effective, especially if the hashtag would be branded.

  • Andrew

    How come I don’t get any likes when I hashtag in comments? Or very few. If I use hashtags in the original post I get 50+

    • Mojca Marš

      Andrew, can you send me a link to one of your posts so I can take a closer look at what the problem might be?

      • Andrew
        • Mojca Marš

          Thank you for taking the time to do this! For example — the problem with this particular post is that people searching for those hashtags expect different kinds of posts. More gym related photos.

          But I did take a look at your other photos. You’re definitely doing fine and there’s a lot of opportunity there. As a next step, I would try to define which posts perform better than other. For example — the post with the quote about a personal trainer performed great.

          As you identify those great-performing posts, find out what made them perform better. Based on that data, modify your future posts, follow the same approach.

        • Marek Bubeník

          Jesus, please don´t use any hashtags with photos like these.

      • Eddie Griffin

        Hi Mojca. I post my hashtags with my photos. I thought using popular hashtags was the best way to attract an audience but 206 likes are the most I have ever received. Should I use less-familiar tags? Thanks! iameddiegriffin

  • Maggie Liuzzi

    I always go back to the post and only then share it on Facebook, so in 2 steps, to take out all of them.

    Thanks for the content!

  • Travis L Fuhrer

    Does a hashtag work in comments on someone else’s post?

    • Mojca Marš

      Travis, it sure does! Question is — how far are you willing to take that? Big brands might not appreciate & it might not bring you the wanted results. But to answer your question — it does. 🙂

  • instababe

    Even if I post hashtags in the comments, will people still be able to find me? I thought hashtags only worked in the discription

    • Mojca Marš

      They work in the comments too! So yes, absolutely — they will be able to find you if you post them in a comment. 🙂

  • Emmilia Rhodes

    I’ve been posting in my comments lately ad now I receive less likes under my pics.

    • Mojca Marš

      Emmilia, in that case the issue has to lie somewhere else. Putting hashtags in a comment section does not affect your reach or engagement.

      • I tend to agree with Emmilia. I’ve noticed when I hashtag comments I get signifigantly less interaction than in the description. But I have a theory as to why…here it goes. Aside from top posts, IG sorts posts in date order. So, if you’re using the most popular hashtags, your post will very quickly move down the list. Even if it only takes a few seconds to post, I think you’ve already lost a lot of “front page” time.

  • Atha Hidayat

    I usually use hashtag in the comments, sometimes do, sometimes it doesn’t work, but recently, often doesn’t work? Why? Help me solve my problem, please

    • Mojca Marš

      How do you know it’s not working?

      • liz wittman

        I have this issue too. I am new to it, but I just posted some hashtags in an older post of mine. and when I go to search for the photos they do not show up in those groups I have hashtagged. any help would be appreciated.

        • Mojca Marš

          Hi, Liz! If you use very popular hashtags (like #food or #nails or anything similar) your post will quickly move down the list because of the massive surge of photos with the same hashtags. With popular hashtags that can take less than a second actually!

      • Mikkel

        Got the same problem. Tried commenting with a very specific hashtag with no previous counts to test this. Searching for this hashtag does not give any results 🙁

  • Reddy

    So you only need to do it if your ‘gram account is linked to a Twitter/Facebook/etc. Good to know. Mine isn’t, so I’ll keep them in the photo description.

    Putting them in the comments also loses you valuable time, even if it just takes a few seconds, your photo will be further down the list and less likely to be discovered.

  • Mikkel

    As every other company – we love seeing our products being used (shared). We’d like to leave all a comment including a very specific hashtag, but leaving it in a comment on other users images does not add to the result.
    This only works if we are posting the hashtag on our own images. Could this have been disabled by Instagram to prevent?

    • Mojca Marš

      Mikkel, it hasn’t been disabled by Instagram. And it will not be.

      As explained in a few of my comments down below: If you use very popular hashtags (like #food or #nails or anything similar) your post will quickly move down the list because of the massive surge of photos with the same hashtags. With popular hashtags that can take less than a second actually!

      So if you use popular and overpopulated hashtags and can’t see your photo when you search for it, this is the explanation for that.

      Hope that helps!

      • Mikkel

        I tested this with a very specific hashtag that had 0 results before testing. Leaving the hashtag in a comment on other users photos did not make it appear. Only when using it in my own photos.

    • Jeff Dodenbier

      I have found the same problem. I commented on multiple pictures from other users, but can’t link back to those hashtags. The only ones showing up are the ones within the actual posts. Is there a way to find those?

  • Sam

    LMAO – Except the comment Hashtags arent searchable for #Trending.

  • Nanouka Katish Woods

    If you edit a post does it repost or stay in original posting position?

  • Anthony Davis

    Will the hashtags still work if I put them in the comments of someone else’s picture?

    • Mojca Marš

      Quick question: What’s the motivation behind doing that?
      And yes — it will still work. 🙂