Are you one of those people who have trouble getting LARGE Facebook Link Thumbnail images? We all know that big images have higher click-through rates, but as it happens sometimes Facebook automatically generates small image when posting links. Here’s a simple tip on how to solve this problem!

We’ve all heard the news: Facebook will deprioritize photo posts with links in photo captions. So if you have been using this approach for posting links, it’s time to make a change if you don’t want to be left behind. Still many users have problems with posting updates in standard link formats as Facebook sometimes automatically generates postage-stamp sized link previews.

But there’s a solution!

Upload image with bigger dimensions

Sometimes Facebook has trouble with fetching images from that URL you’re posting. But don’t fear! This issue can be solved in a matter of minutes!

Ok, so you want to post a link update and Facebook preview looks like this:

Facebook thumbnail image

Bummer. But you already know that there is a small button who can change the whole story around.

Facebook image thumbnail

When you press “Upload Image” Facebook will let you choose an image of your choice. Now this is important:

Facebook big image size

In order to get a big thumbnail image, you have to upload a photo 1200 x 630 pixels or at least 600 x 315 pixels. When you upload an image with these dimensions, the whole post will look far better from the previous one!

Facebook thumbnail image big

Facebook says:

Use images that are at least 1200 x 630 pixels for the best display on high resolution devices. At the minimum, you should use images that are 600 x 315 pixels to display link page posts with larger images. If your image is smaller than 600 x 315 px, it will still display in the link page post, but the size will be much smaller.

Don’t forget: Bigger thumbnail images = higher click-through rates. As long as you don’t forget to upload a bigger photo to your link (if Facebook fails to fetch it automatically from your webpage) you’ll be just fine.

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  • Alen

    Hej. Sem poskusil to nardit. V blogu uploadal zraven glavne eno 600×315 sliko, skušal šerat na fb in mi sploh ne da opcije, da bi zamenjal sliko. Lahko jo samo izbrišem. Prav ignorira mi jo. Any ideas? Thx. Kul post btw 😉

    • Hm, enkrat že naletela na podoben problem. Mi lahko pošlješ link do bloga?

      • Alen

        Za ta post je blo mišljeno:
        Hvala 😉

        • Aha! Ti si verjetno objavljal to na personal profilu, kjer nimaš možnosti menjave fotografije. Edino, kar lahko narediš je, da sprogramiraš to na webpageu.

          • Alen

            Ja, na personal, ja. Včasih je možno menjat, ko je v samem postu več fotk.. Ne vem, ne znam. Bom se probal na novem blogu to naučit. Pripravljam nekaj malo bolj resnega 🙂 Hvala vseeno 😉

  • Hi, great blog post thanks 😉

    I’ve been trying to upload thumbnails 1200*630px together with a link and Facebook still automaticaly resize my thumbnail to a square post-stamp size. Does anything changed in the way Facebook deals with the thumbnail since you posted this article ? Thanks a lot for your answer 😉

    • No, nothing had changed. This trick always does the work for me. What kind of content are you posting when this occurs?

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  • Pat Malone

    Doesn’t work for me, uploaded 1300 x 700 pic and still get small thumbnail.. first pic attached is the pic used and then a screenshot of what it looks like on FB…

    • Mojca Marš

      Hey Pat!

      I’m familiar with the problem. Let me reassure you there – the problem is not on your side, you did everything correct, it’s Vimeo who has the problem.

      Here’s the thing: If you post a video on your Facebook page and the image appears big in the preview, everything is fine, you can post it. Same happened to you, right? But after you post it, it will appear small on your Facebook page. Don’t worry, the image will still appear big in other people’s News Feeds and that’s what matters most, but it will still remain small on your Facebook page. The only videos that have big thumbnail images even when you visit a Facebook page are the videos uploaded directly with Facebook.

      I even tested this out on my test FB page with the same video of yours. I made an image of same size. When I’m on my Facebook page, the image appears small (first attachment). But in my News feed the image appears big (second attachment).

      This is a thing Facebook has to figure out. I would still recommend uploading your own custom images if you have the chance and if it makes sense to you.

      • Pat Malone

        Yes and thank you… the news feed is important but I was kind of hoping my fan page would look better too… 🙁

        • Pat Malone

          Also,, did you notice how FB no longer plays the video in full size… I don’t mean full screen, I mean the same size box as the post makes… it’s now full width even though the video is full HD… It falls about 1″ short in width to matching the width of the text…Am I doing something wrong?

          • Mojca Marš

            Just noticed that! I researched the topic and found out Vimeo is having some serious problems with Facebook. Facebook is not embedding the videos correctly and they’re resolving some issues with that. You’re doing nothing wrong and sadly can’t do nothing about it as well. The problem is again on Facebook’s side, all we can do is wait.

      • Polisz Plajer

        “Don’t worry, the image will still appear big in other people’s News Feeds”

        Are you sure about that? Because I don’t think so. The small thumbnail will unfortunately appear on people’s News Feed. There is a way of getting it fixed as many people are constantly posting their youtube videos to fb with large thumbnails. For the last 2 days I’m trying to figure out how …

        • Mojca Marš

          I am 100% sure about that regarding to Vimeo videos, but not Youtube. To be honest it’s been a while since I’ve seen a Youtube video with big thumbnail image, they’re all small. Are you sure you’ve seen it? Would love if you could send me a screenshot.

          • Polisz Plajer

            Thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately all my videos are on youtube 🙁
            Please take a look on my fb page Polisz Plajer to find some very recent youtube videos with large thumbnails and some other with a small one. Still trying to figure out what that depends on…

            • Mojca Marš

              Hm, interesting. The one with the big thumbnail image redirects you to youtube while the one with the small thumbnail image opens up on Facebook. Hm.

  • Acton Squad

    Thank you for the article! Unfortunately, Facebook is still acting up with YouTube thumbnails on my end… it seems like Facebook doesn’t like YouTube videos.

    Some people seem to be uploading their videos through Facebook’s platform and their thumbnails come out big and beautiful. Is there a way to make this work with YouTube videos?

    Thanks Mojca! Would appreciate any sort of response.

    • Mojca Marš

      Hey, thanks for reaching out! I suppose you’re having similar problems than Pat (read comments below)? I noticed Youtube is having same problems with Facebook as Vimeo. It could be a bug they’re trying to solve or they want people to start using native Facebook video uploading. It’s pretty annoying either way and I’m actively looking for a solution.

      • Acton Squad

        Yup, definitely annoying. Thanks for the quick reply and for the article Mojca!

        • Mojca Marš

          Anytime! I’ll update you when I’ll find a solution or a logical explanation.

      • It could be a bug they’re trying to solve or they want people to start using native Facebook video uploading — okay, disregard my other statement, and my apologies. Is one of the pitfalls of reading comments “backwards” in time

        • Mojca Marš

          Yep, I’m definitely keeping a close eye on their updates.

  • Jenny Y

    I’m having a similar problem, but Facebook is not only making my youtube thumbnail image smaller, it’s also cropping it to a square image. So something that should look like this first image below ends up looking like the 2nd image (you can only see the middle part of the image, where there is nothing.) It looks really bad in the timeline on my “professional” Facebook page… Is there any solution for that? I had carefully chosen the default thumbnail on youtube only to find that Facebook cropped the image entirely…

    • Mojca Marš

      Hey, Jenny!
      I guess Facebook isn’t in a good relationship with Youtube. This happens to all of us. :/ Unfortunately there is no solution or workaround. What I would suggest though is playing around with uploading videos directly to Facebook. Not posting link from Youtube, but uploading directly on the page.
      Video is becoming a big part of Facebook and playing around with this native upload could bring you great results.
      Hope this helps!

      • Jenny Y

        Thanks for your answer! It’s nice to hear that I’m not doing anything wrong at least 😉 I know that the thumbnails looks better when uploading through Facebook, but of course, I want to add my view counts on youtube. I understand the reduced size of the video thumbnails, just not the strange cropping… Anyway, I’ll just add that to my list of frustrations with Facebook…

        • Mojca Marš

          You’re definitely not doing anything wrong. If Facebook will update this I’ll make sure to update this page.
          And I hope you’re not too frustrated with Facebook. It’s a great tool nonetheless, but I know it can get frustrating at the times. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂

  • Jonathan Allard

    Have you found a solution for YouTube videos? Do you know how to get a large thumbnail? This is what it looks like once it gets posted to Facebook…Barely a thumbnail at best. Is there a way to fix this?

    • Mojca Marš

      Jonathan, no. Haven’t find the solution unfortunately. Seems like Facebook’s not deigning into this problem at all since they’re focusing on making native videos the best they can.

      Like I’ve mentioned in the comments below, I strongly recommend (if you have the chance) to try and upload videos directly to Facebook. They will perform better + look better as well.

      I’m definitely keeping my eye on the updates about this Youtube thumbnail image they’re having. I’ll update if there will be any news regarding this.

      • You are starting to sound as though you are working WITH fb.. avoiding the truth about them and greatly exaggerating its capabilities…. “perform better” is a LIE, CLEARLY. Show me a SINGLE video, that went viral on YT, that has better numbers in fb… … “Look better’? How do you figure that their format conversion is better than YT’s?

    • Wikum Ekanayake

      There is a third party tool for any link including youtubes->
      works 100 %
      here is the demonstration video :

  • Hans Drommedaaris Full

    How do I get bigger image for youtube link posts? From my iphone when I load out of my camera roll the video image is big but when I post from youtube or c opy the link and paste the icon is small.

    • Mojca Marš

      Hey, Hans!

      I’ve mentioned before in the comments that Facebook still hasn’t fixed this. :/ There’s no solution for this currently. I’ll update when there will be. Thanks!

      • “Fixed it?”. No, they CAUSE it. They hurt the end user because they want us using their site to post videos. So they PUNISH us for using Youtube. SUCH bs

        • Mojca Marš

          Yeah, I’ve recently heard that MIGHT be the problem. On the other hand – videos, uploaded directly on Facebook receive great results. I guess it all comes down to your preferences.

    • Wikum Ekanayake

      There is a third party tool ->

      you can post even youtube videos with big image thumbnail …

      here is the demonstration video :

    • Run it through It’ll overwrite the meta tags on the Youtube Video and trick FB into thinking it’s part of their media API. It’s worth the shot if you’re wanting to share a full width video that plays on the news feed.

  • For youtube videos image problem just go here:

  • You could always process the video through – it takes the youtube link, and then tricks FB Into thinking it’s part of their media player. It gives you full width youtube videos on the news-feed.

  • FitDude

    600 x 315 still gets cropped into a tiny thumbnail on mobile for me. Mind updating this article with the actual minimum dimensions?

    • Mojca Marš

      Can you share the URL to the link you want to publish on Facebook, so I can take a look? You might be having issues with caching. If you recently updated the article with a new thumbnail, try using this tool to fix the issues you’re experiencing:

      • NameSource

        I already posted my link, but only the max 1200 px images work. Doesn’t matter what browser or computer I’m using. I just blew the pic up on photoshop so I’m good now, but that minimum dimension doesn’t work for me. In fact…..anything less than 1200 gives me a little thumbnail.

  • Rabnawaz Qureshi

    Thank You So Much.

    • Mojca Marš

      You’re so welcome!

  • sadakat ali

    Hi very good article
    Thanks for sharing keep up the good work
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  • Malek Chtiwi

    for my Youtube videos i use this tool

  • CeeZet

    I have tried everything in your post, but it is still showing as a small thumbnail.
    I want to use a different image than the one that is automatically linked. So I go add a file, and select the picture I created at 1200px x 630px. But it still shows as a small Thumbnail. Help!!

    • Mojca Marš

      Hi CeeZet! Is it possible that you link me to the Facebook post you’re mentioning?

  • Akshay Thapliyal

    Thank you so much Mojca for this method. For video lovers I would like to share one tool to create large YouTube thumbnails for Facebook. Using ThumbTube you can share big thumbnail videos

  • I hope I am not getting you guys out of the way. Guys I have a similar problem, the problem comes in when I try to share a disqus post from our Childline Botswana website to Facebook. When the post is shared, by default Disqus will select its own image as a thumbnail and I dont know which criteria they are using. Is it possible to change the picture or to select the picture that I want?. Check out the below.