So you are just about to post this amazing photo on Instagram you’ve prepared. Everything looks great, but you end up wondering: “Should I include some hashtags or not? What hashtags should I use? And how many?” Here’s some good news – you’ll never have to wonder about this ever again. Here are the answers.

“Should I include hashtags on my Instagram posts?”

Yes. You should. Hashtags will help you get your photos discovered. People search for photos via Instagram search all the time and hashtags are a big help when it comes to reaching a broader audience.


And broader audience = more interest in what you have to offer. In order to catch their attention from the start, use eye-catching images that resonate with your brand and target audience.

“What hashtags should I use?”

This is what I always suggest to my clients: Use relevant hashtags. Don’t use a hashtag just for the sake of its popularity, you’ll do damage to your profile and social authority you have been building all along. Instead use relevant hashtags that can be easily connected with the image you’re posting.


So if you’re posting an image of a cup of coffee, use hashtags like #coffee #morning #coffeetime etc.

Instagram: PRO TIP

An even better option is riding a popular hashtag that’s in sync with what you’re posting. If you post a selfie, use #selfie, if you do a ThrowbackThursday post, use #tbt, if you post a sunset, use a popular hashtag #sunset.

You can find popular hashtags here.

“How many hashtags should I use?”

Well, you’ll probably be surprised by this, but the more hashtags you use, the more likes your photo will get. Those are the official results from a study Max Woolf made.


I personally still think you should be reasonable when it comes to using hashtags, meaning you shouldn’t overdo it. My perfect number of hashtags is somewhere between 5-10. You don’t need to exaggerate in order to get great results. Trust me 5-10 hashtags will go a long way.

To sum it up

So what are the final answers to these questions?

  • Yes, you should use hashtags.
  • Use relevant hashtags that correlate with your image. If they’re popular hashtags, even better.
  • Study says the more hashtags you use, the more likes you’ll get. I usually suggest using 5-10 hashtags, but think each user should test this out for himself.

P.s. Have you noticed that some brands are posting hashtags in comments? Read why.


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