Can you believe it? Can you believe that we’re this close to closing another chapter and kissing 2016 goodbye?

If I had a billion dollars on my account, I swear I would invest it in developing a device that slows down time. Maybe not all of my money though, I would definitely buy at least 50 different onesies first.

Joke aside, 2016 was over quickly. And I cannot help myself with reflecting back on it and already make plans for 2017.

Quick Recap

My New Years resolution for 2016 was to do a detailed Year In Review post for 2016 at the end of it. As you all know, people don’t really stick to their resolutions. And I’ll continue that tradition by skipping the Year In Review post altogether and writing just a quick recap of it.


I owe you at least that. Especially considering how absent I was from my emails and blog posts.

(I promise, I’m working on that.)

Fucking Unforgettable

Being a business owner is like riding a rollercoaster. You know that it’s going to be tough and crazy. But at the end of it, you want to do it all over again.

This is also a perfect description of my 2016.

It was crazy. It was tough. But it was fucking unforgettable.


First, I talked at two fantastic conferences: BaconBiz in Philadelphia & Double Your Freelancing Conference in Stockholm.

I also spoke at numerous online summits and conferences where I appeared with amazing people, such as John Lee Dumas, Dan Norris, and many others.

Here’s a photo of me dressed in bacon, kissing a bear. Yep, this happened at BaconBiz. As you can see, I had the time of my life.


(I have no photos of me speaking though, LOL. True story.)


To be absolutely honest with you, I have no clue about how many podcasts I’ve done in 2016.

I’ve done a lot.

The only thing I remember is that once it took off, I hardly had a week go by without an interview.

Those interviews resulted in new connections, new customers, and new clients.

Yep, you heard right. If you deliver enough value on podcasts you guest on, you can be absolutely sure they will result in increased revenue. You’ll have clients knocking on your door. They’ll want a piece of what you talked about on the podcast.

Don’t underestimate the power of podcasts.

From Products to Clients

Even though I launched a handful of products in 2016, client work still represented the majority of my income.

In fact — as far as revenue goes — 2016 was a record year with December being a record month.

I started working with fantastic clients, such as ConvertKitDouble Your Freelancing, and ClockShark.

My primary responsibility is to develop Facebook Advertising Strategies, implement them, and then optimize for the best performance.

I moved away from consulting on the use of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media channels for a bit, and really doubled down on Facebook — specifically Facebook Advertising.

How did I land those amazing clients? With a lot of work.

First, I’m everywhere. You can see me at conferences, hear me on podcasts, read my blog posts, follow me on Twitter. (BTW, what about you? Do you follow me there? ) I’ve put a lot of work into my online presence, and it pays off.

And second, some of those deals have been months (even years!) in the making. It’s all a matter of patience and persistent follow-ups.

So if there was one technique that really made a difference for me in 2016 is: Follow up persistently. If your prospects don’t answer, it’s not because they’re not interested. They’re probably just very busy.

Also: Learn how to write sales emails that take your clients from “Maybe” to “HELL YEAH WHEN CAN YOU START?!”.


The biggest personal milestone in 2016? My partner of 5+ years proposed and we got engaged.


(BTW, why didn’t you tell me how stressful planning a wedding is? Even though I’m hiring a wedding planner, this is definitely more challenging that I thought it would be.)

Every other detail of my personal life in 2016 has been magical as well.

Jure and I have been traveling a lot. This year we started going on these mini trips, spending our weekends in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and other magnificent places.

Here are some photos from our trips:


We experienced a lot and always came back full of energy, new ideas, and a passion for making bigger steps towards our dreams.

Enter — 2017.


Okay, let’s talk plans.

Even though I’ll be planning activities for 2017 later today, I already have an overview of what my next year should look like.


First, I’m relaunching my Facebook Ads Manual later in the year. The book is already re-edited and grammatically improved, now I just need to refresh the material to match the updates Facebook made to their advertising ecosystem in 2016. Along with the update, I’ll be increasing the price of the book and create different tiers for those who are looking to purchase larger packages for more in-depth help.

Alongside that I’ll be launching new products. For example — I have tons of incredibly useful and actionable videos that I’m going to package and sell as a mini course on Facebook Marketing.

I won’t stop there. Super Spicy Sessions were such a big hit in 2015 and 2016. But I mainly focused on helping businesses that need help with their Facebook Page. That’s why in 2017 I’ll be launching Super Spicy Sessions — Facebook Ads Edition.

Watch out for that!

Client Work

I love working with clients. I enjoy taking them from making 10 conversions/month to 100+ conversions/month with the same budget. That’s why client work will still be my strong point in 2017.

To maintain the fantastic results we’re achieving with my clients, I’ll be hiring an advertiser to help me with regular optimizations, so I can focus on the things that truly make a difference for my clients.

Online Presence

You might have noticed that I’ve been suspiciously quiet for the past few months. Sadly there’s really nothing suspicious going on, I’ve just been busy.

I’ll be dedicating these last few days of 2016 to get my business back in order, organize my tasks for 2017, delegate as much as possible to my assistant to I can dedicate a few hours a week to my online presence.

I’m relaunching a new Super Spicy Media webpage soon. This one is so outdated, I kinda feel ashamed.

I’ll also be bringing back my blog and broadcasts. You can expect to hear from me at least once a week.

I want to provide as much value as possible. I want to be your go-to girl for when you need advice with your Facebook Ads. I want you to be confident in your marketing capabilities by teaching you all the secret tricks us Facebook Advertisers use.

And I’m keeping that promise.

Can I ask you something?

I’ve become friends with so many of you in the past year. And I want to maintain those good relationships while building new ones.

That’s why I would love to hear from you back.

What was your biggest win in 2016? And what was your most important learning lesson?

What are your plans for 2017?

Leave a comment below and you’ll hear back from me!

Keep on rocking. See you in 2017.

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