Facebook’s Lead Ads recently became available through their Advertising Manager tool. Before that, you could only access this feature through Power Editor, which is painful to use, especially if you’re just starting with Facebook Ads.

Life’s too short to use tools with a horrible user interface.

That new update brought hordes of people knocking on Facebook’s door, eager to try these lead ads out.

If you’re one of those people, here’s everything you should know about Facebook Lead Ads before you get started.

What are Lead Ads

Lead Ads are a category/type of Facebook Ads with a primary goal of increasing the number of your leads.

Why are they so special? Because they enable users to sign up in just 3 steps. 3 taps to be exact. Facebook collects their email off of their Facebook profile so there’s no need to type in the email to get on the list as soon as possible.

Because the process is so simplified, the conversion rate is higher compared to other types of ads. Facebook doesn’t even redirect users to a special landing page where you have to look for the opt-in form — they stay right there on Facebook, never leaving the app.

Here’s an official video from Facebook (a click on the photo will take you on their official webpage):

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 16.24.20

How do Lead Ads work

For the users

Submitting your info through Lead Ads is incredibly easy. All it takes to give out your name, email and/or phone number are 3 taps.

Facebook Lead Ads

For advertisers

The process of setting up your Lead Ads is the same as with setting up other types of ads. You don’t need any special links or coding skills to set this up.

The only thing that’s different is you’ll need to create a form at the last step of setting up a campaign. But the process is incredibly easy and you’ll finish that in a few minutes time.

After creating and running your ads, you’ll be able to download the leads from your Facebook Ads Manager and input them in your Email Marketing Tool, CRM and other tools you might be using.

You can also integrate Facebook Ads Manager with Zapier and make everything run automatically, without manually downloading and uploading the list.

Pro Tip: Facebook will be doing other integrations, such as with Drip, soon.

The Pros of Lead Ads

Lead Ads make it easier for a user to subscribe to an email campaign, product demo, test drive, etc. Because it’s so much easier than for example Website Conversions (that redirect you to a landing page and make you find an opt-in form and type in your info), the conversion rate increases drastically.

But …

The Cons of Lead Ads

Because the process is so easy for the end user, you might end up with leads of lower quality. That can result in complications and a larger amount of work later on when contacting and qualifying those leads.

But let’s not give up on Lead Ads too quickly. After all, we’re all reasonable people here and we know this problem is easily solvable.

Solution: Qualify with targeting

Lead qualification can be done before collecting all those leads. And it can be done with proper targeting.

You know your target audience as the back of your hand. Use that knowledge and target only the people that qualify as good leads. With this step, you’ll sift through all the prospects only to find the leads you really want to work with for a fraction of the price.

Facebook Ads Leads

When to use Lead Ads?

There are tonnes of options when it comes to using Lead Ads for your business.

The first thing that comes to mind is an email list. But be careful — since general newsletters don’t have direct quantifiable outcomes, the conversion rates with this approach might be lower.

Instead, create a simple 5-day email course with specific outcomes. “Become a PRO at Facebook Lead Ads and double your email list in 14 days!” is a great example. It makes it easier for the user to recognise the value and act faster.

You can also use Lead Ads to collect new leads for product demos, price estimates, special offers or even test drives.

How to ensure you get the best conversion rate with your Lead Ads?

First of all, Lead Ads should have a very specific outcome for the user. What is she going to get after submitting her personal info? Free 5-day email course on Lead Ads? 10-day product demo for your new app? Special offer for a t-shirt she’s interested in?

Communicate that outcome in copy and visual material. Sell them a better tomorrow by communicating the real quantifiable benefits of getting on your list.

Be specific, not bland.

And most importantly — narrow down your audience to qualify leads before they sign up. What characteristics does your perfect client, subscriber or customer has? How old is she?

Get specific as possible and target them on Facebook.

Your turn

I wasn’t lying before. You can really double your email list in 14 days with Lead Ads if you follow the process above.

So what’s one small step you could take today towards this? Let me know in the comments below!

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