5 Best Tools for Social Media Management

Social media management isn’t easy. It’s hard to stay completely organised when there are so many social media channels you must keep track of, so many updates you must post, a lot of content to create … Becoming totally organised, productive and efficient requires some initial work, but it can be done. So save yourself some time and nerves with these 5 awesome tools that will help you combat that unorganised mess and make social media management a great and effective thing to do.

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Pinterest’s new deeper analytics tool

We all know that tracking our social media analytics gives us an essential insight into our audience and performance. As we carefully monitor our Facebook and Twitter analytics, our audience on Pinterest is getting neglected. But Pinterest wants to put a stop to this with their new and deepened analytics tool!

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Short custom URLs = Better click-through

When it comes to social media, shorter is better.

Social networks are filled with different content. New posts are created every second and it’s kind of hard to keep track on things, right?

I’m going to teach you how to keep your URLs short with a few simple steps. That steps will ensure your posts will be short and more noticeable by the users.

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