Social media management isn’t easy. It’s hard to stay completely organised when there are so many social media channels you must keep track of, so many updates you must post, a lot of content to create … Becoming totally organised, productive and efficient requires some initial work, but it can be done. So save yourself some time and nerves with these 5 awesome tools that will help you combat that unorganised mess and make social media management a great and effective thing to do.


I can’t imagine managing my social media without Buffer. It helps me schedule my social media posts days in advance. It’s such a simple tool to use anyone can do it! I mostly use it for my personal Twitter and LinkedIn profiles (and track great results), but you can use it for your company’s profiles as well! Try it out here!

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But you know what goes great with Buffer? Social Bro.

Social Bro

Social Bro is a Twitter management tool so if you or your company uses Twitter this is definitely something worth looking into. You can gain amazing Twitter insights with the help of Social Bro such as Community Insights (who follows you, what are they known for, their relevance score etc.), post analytics and my favourite feature – Best Time to Tweet.

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There’s a neat Buffer integration that comes with Best Time to Tweet feature. Social Bro calculates when your followers are online and you can connect that times with Buffer. That means all your Twitter updates will be posted at optimal times. How cool is that?


Are you managing multiple Twitter accounts? I know I am. And switching between account all the time can be dreadful. That’s when Tweetdeck comes to help!


Tweetdeck lets you track your mentions, hashtags, replies, messages and it’s very customisable. So whatever matters the most for you to track, you can see that in one view. Time saver!


Social media isn’t just about great text updates, it’s about appealing visuals as well. I know, I know, creating designs can be a time-consuming thing, but not with Canva.


Canva lets you create amazing designs for social media networks, email campaigns and more. And the design process is so easy! Canva comes with templates that are easily customisable. You can change the text, add some other design elements, rearrange them … and the outcome is pretty amazing and eye-catching! Try it yourself.


Managing multiple Twitter profiles is pretty easy compared to managing multiple Instagram accounts. We all know by now that Instagram does not enable switching between users or making managing multiple accounts easier in any way. It’s a pretty closed app, but there’s one solution that might come in handy.


I found out about Latergramme a while ago. It helps me solve one problem in particular – reminding me to post on Instagram. You upload a photo in Latergramme and schedule a posting time. The app then reminds you when you need to upload the photo, you open the app and tap “Open in Instagram”. The photo then opens in Instagram which lets you post it fairly quickly. Definitely a life saver for me.

Do you have any tools worth mentioning or the ones that should definitely be on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Beaglecat

    Great list of tools, Mojca! We will definitely be looking into Latergramme and Canva since they are pretty new to me. The social media management tool we are currently using is dubbed and it’s pretty useful when handling multiple accounts due to its ticket inbox functionality. It also allows the scheduling of video posts. You may want to check it out 🙂

  • Charmaine Griffin

    Great resource! I also use an app called Publish for my instagram post because it allows you to pre-type your captions!