The frustration that usually comes with growing your Facebook audience is incredible. And I get it. When Facebook Page Likes are coming in one a day (or sometimes not even that), it feels like a never-ending drought.

But there’s a solution to everything. Well, usually it is. There’s still no solution for my obsession with onesies and willingness to spend hundreds for them.

But there is definitely a solution for the frustration you’ve been experiencing when trying to grow your Facebook Page.

Last week I experimented with an incredible hack not many people even know about. And the results were fascinating.

Results of my experiment

I grew my Facebook Page audience by 4,200% this week in comparison to last one. *micdrop*

Want proof? Here it is:


So I conducted the same experiment with a client. The hack obviously works, I just needed to confirm that with other cases.

He got 10 Page likes in under 5 minutes, $0 invested.

I shared that hack with a couple of people and a friend wrote me:

”Oh my god, that’s amazing! Just tried it out and got 11 Page likes already! Best hack ever!”

Another one wrote:

“This hack is a miracle worker. We got 100 Page likes in 5 days. Incredible!”

I’m not gonna lie; it really is a great hack. And I’m incredibly excited to show it to you.

But first, take care of this …

This hack won’t work if you don’t have an engaging content on your Facebook Page to start with.

So take a couple of minutes and invest them into creating and publishing engaging Facebook content. The major key to the hack is in engaging content. You have to get people liking and (even better!) sharing your Facebook posts.

Find out what content makes your audience tick, what do they engage with the most. (Hint: It’s usually valuable posts or personal posts.)

Sure, you can boost engagement by investing a couple of dollars into promoting your Facebook posts, but organic engagement should still be a vital part of your strategy.

You ready for rapid growth?

Check out my video describing the best Facebook hack for supercharging your Facebook audience growth!

(Note: This video is an outtake of the 4th episode of Master Facebook Marketing Weekly Video Series.)

Not wanting or taking the time to invest in this hack would be an enormously missed opportunity.

That’s why I’m inviting you … no, I’m basically pushing you towards trying this out right now.

I don’t say this very often, but this is a game-changer for sure.

I’m building something new

In between my conference talks in Philly, Croatia, Sweden and more I’m working on releasing a couple of new things.

Master Facebook Marketing is relaunched with a newly created SSM Insider Club — a private group of consultants and small business owners ready to grow their business with social media.

But Master Facebook Marketing is so much more.

I was thinking about what more I can offer to MFM subscribers. They’re already getting actionable and highly effective advice from a professional social media manager who deals with similar clients.

But there was a tiny piece of the puzzle missing to make this equation perfect.

I want you to get tips and advice from people who started from nothing and built their incredibly successful businesses with the help of social media.

People who went through the same exact process you’re going through.

People that can give you advice on what worked for them best, so you don’t need to fiddle around with unimportant things that look effective, but may never even bring you any tangible results.

I’m including short interviews with these amazing people (including Brennan Dunn and Jonathan Stark) in the new version of Master Facebook Marketing.

Very Good News

This is what you’ll get for the minimum investment of around $11/week:

  • Highly effective and immediately actionable tips on growing your business with Facebook:
    • At what times should you post on Facebook to get the most engagement?
    • The three pillars of a successful Facebook marketing strategy
    • How to increase your engagement and beat Facebook’s algorithm?
  • Premium interviews with successful business owners like Brennan Dunn and Jonathan Stark.
  • 50% discount for SSM Insider Club that includes support from yours truly.

2016 marks the year when you’ll start being proactive about growing your business with marketing.

P.s. What do you think about the hack? Let me know in the comments below!

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