Can you imagine having access to s step-by-step blueprint on how to build a million-dollar business? Seriously, imagine that right now.

I mean, that sure comes with its downsides, but … heck, the majority of people would take that in a heartbeat.

Sure beats the never-ending pursuit of success while not even knowing if you’re close to the finish line. Or if there even is a finish line for that matter.

But the thing is, while there may not be a blueprint for building a million-dollar business, there is a social media blueprint that ensures an improvement of your engagement rate. Better yet, it guarantees more clients and prospects.

And it starts with 3 pillars.

The Basics

In life, we tend to make things more complicated than they really are.

For example, I thought that writing a successful book is something you have to go to school for. And oh boy, don’t you dare do it without a publisher!

As it turns out, all you need is incredibly helpful content. The rest is just a cherry on the top.

Same goes with social media.

If you follow the simple principles I’m about to describe you can rest assured that you’ll improve the results you’re currently getting with your social media efforts.

And you won’t need to go to school for that.

3 pillars

So when it comes to creating your social media strategy, your content must fall in one of these 3 categories or pillars:

  • Value;
  • Personality;
  • Promotion.

3 pillars


I’m getting married next year, and although I want to keep my wedding small and intimate, I want someone else to organize it for me. I barely have time to make myself dinner, let alone organize a wedding.

(I swear there’s a point to this story.) 

Hiring a wedding organizer ain’t the easiest task, especially because I’m talking to total strangers. I’m a control freak, and I want everything to run smoothly. Trusting someone with my wedding is … hard.

But this one couple stood out to me. I sent them an inquiry a few weeks ago and instead of replying me with a quote or an impersonal email asking for specifics, they invited us to drinks.

“We want to learn more about you and your wishes. Our job is to listen and hear what you had in mind so we can tell you what can be done and where we’ll need to adjust. Can we buy you coffee in the next week?”

They’re going to give me value first before moving in with a sale. They know that this is how they’ll strengthen trust and build unique relationships that will leave me with no choice than to hire them.

Because when the time comes, I’ll much rather choose an organizer that isn’t only looking to earn more money but is genuinely interested in helping me out and making our day perfect.


No matter how good of a copy you wrote or how great of a call to action you have, sharing only promotional content will get you nowhere.

These are people that are interested in what you have to offer but are looking for some kind of confirmation or a gentle push in the right direction.

Forcing them to convert with promotional content isn’t going to work.

The only gentle push they respond to is value.

By sharing value, you’re building trust and a firm relationship with your audience. You’re not giving away your secret sauce, but you’re rather showing them who’s the expert.

And when the time comes, when they’ll look for someone to help them with their new project, guess who’ll be the first one on their mind?


Go ahead and visit Facebook. Observe the ads or the content companies produce and publish. Do that right now. I’ll wait.

Was there an ad that stood out? Was there a piece of content that made you look twice? That made you click and check out what’s behind the curtain?


Each piece of content, each ad looks like the other.

Our social media landscape is turning into a big flood of brands that all look the same. They’re all hiding behind a carefully designed logotype with absolutely no hint of personality.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?


You know what differentiates you from your competitors? You.

Showing your face is giving users a personality to connect with instead of giving them the logo and expecting them to remember you by this.

The more we act like a genuine human being on social media, the more of a connection users will develop with us. And relationships between human beings are more durable than the ones between a human being and a faceless brand.


Promotion is an important part of a social media strategy. But 90% of the brands and companies confuse “important part” with “the only part”.

Imagine sitting in a bar with a friend, having a nice drink. A good wine perhaps. Or a scotch if you like ‘em strong.

That friend you’re sitting with? He just can’t shut up about his products. All he’s talking about is how great they are and how you should buy them. “This is the best deal there is,” he says.

What do you do?

Stand out and leave the bar. Or maybe you have another drink if he’s paying. It all gets bearable after 2 glasses of wine.

Now imagine a different scenario. You’re sitting in the bar with a different friend. He gives you these neat tips on how to grow your business, or how to be more productive. He talks about his interesting personal stories. You’re intrigued and captivated.

Which of these friends do you call back for drinks? Which one do you listen more? And which one are you willing to buy from?


Promotion on social media means making your audience’s job easier. Instead of leaving them to find your offerings on their own, you serve those same offerings on a plate. They just have to pick it up from there.

But don’t promote yourself all the time.

Promotion pillar should be the least present in your strategy. It’s value and personality you should focus on mainly the promotional part of your strategy a sweet addition to the already engaging content.

I don’t follow any percentages when creating strategies for my clients, but if I had to provide you with a very broad context of how much of each category is present in my strategies, this would be it:

  • Value: 45%
  • Personality: 45%
  • Promotion: 10%.

Final thoughts

Creating a social media strategy can look like this ENORMOUS thing to tackle. Like writing a successful book, right?

But it all comes down to 3 pillars: Value, Personality, and Promotion.

Creating your strategy around these 3 pillars is the #1 thing that turned my clients’ social media channels from a graveyard to an insanely ecstatic party.

Join the party.

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