If I can tell you one characteristic about social media industry is that it’s obsessed with tools. Content scheduling, automating, audience analytics, cross-posting, you name it. You have a general problem? There’s a pretty good chance you’ll find a tool that fixes it.

I’m going to go even deeper and say that social media industry is too obsessed with tools. Instead of focusing on the problem at hand and improving their social media presence, people like to do the exact opposite and heal their souls with fancy social media tools.

I’m not saying tools that make our lives easier shouldn’t have a place in our day-to-day processes. They just shouldn’t be used as a band-aid to put over some wounds we have from dealing with problems that go deeper from ‘when to post on social media’.

So which tools you should really use?

You have tools that can make your life a little bit easier. And you have tools can push your strategy in the right direction. Today we’re going to talk about the latter.

The tools we’re going to talk about today never go out of fashion. They’re not tied to one social media platform, but can be used with all of them. And least but not last, they’re not a band-aid, but they’re the medicine that will help you get better whenever you take them.

Here are 3 must-have tools for your social media strategy.


Social media is called ‘social’ for a reason. It’s not made of lifeless things without feeling. It’s made up of people.

Behind every Facebook page, Twitter profile or any social media profile for that reason is a human being. Same goes for companies — they’re made up of people. So why would you want to hide that human side of you (personality) away from others?

Personality is what makes you different from other competitors in your space. Personality is what makes people tick.

Just think about the last profile you followed on Twitter. Was it a robot-like profile without any feelings and unique opinions expressed? Or was it soaked with a unique personality that made the profile even more interesting?

Thought so.

Same goes with the most engaging profiles on social media. You’re not going to make yourself approachable if you’re not communicating your personality. People run away from uninteresting people that lack a personality.

social media robot

Are you familiar with that feeling when you meet someone new, and you just can’t read them? When there’s absolutely no way of telling what kind of person he/she really is? That’s the feeling your audience is getting when you fail to express who you really are and what kind of personality you have.

How to express your personality?

Here’s how to use this tool to your advantage.

When you have a unique opinion on something, share it. Don’t be afraid. Let’s call this filtering.

If people don’t understand or strongly disagree with your opinion and express that with unfollowing you, they’re not a good fit for your business anyway. If they do not agree with you but stay open for debate, they’re interested in what you have to say and are likely to change their mind if you have something to back up your opinion with.

When you share your unique opinion, you’re going to attract like-minded people that are great to work with. And the best part is those like-minded people will never leave your side because they’re not going to be able to find another service provider or a person that ‘fits the profile’.

That’ll be your advantage.


The second must-have social media tool is honesty.

Always speak the truth. It’s so easy to deceive people nowadays with misinformation. But that can cause some serious damage to you and your reputation. Don’t take that chance.

Honesty is great. Your life is so much easier if you’re completely honest with your audience.

How to be more honest on social media?

“Mojca, this funny. We all know how to be honest.” Do you really?

I’ve had so many consulting clients that were thinking they’re being honest when they were sharing misinformation all along. Wondering how that can happen?

Were you ever in a position when someone asked you about your opinion on something and instead of telling him the painful truth, you just nodded and comforted them with nice words?

This is how it usually goes down for me.

”Mojca, here’s the link to my Facebook Page and Twitter Profile. I’ve worked so hard on the strategy, and I even paid tens of thousands of dollars for a social media consultant and these special designs. What do you think?”

A lot of people would just nod while saying ‘It looks fine to me’ even when their social media presence is a total money-losing mess. I mean, they spent so much money on this, why would you make it worse by saying the money was practically thrown out the window?

But that’s what makes a good business-person from a bad one. Honesty.

Honesty makes authority-building much easier. It can be hard, yes, but it’s always better to tell the truth and stand behind it. Believe me, in situations like this, the people asking these hard questions are always going to find out the real truth. And you should be the first one to tell them the truth.



Knowledge is the most powerful social media tool you can use. Unfortunately, not many people do.

Giving away the knowledge you’ve been gaining for so many years can sound downright scary to a lot of people.

“What if they’ll steal the knowledge and my ideas? What if I’ll crash and burn? Do I even want to give my knowledge away for free?!”

There’s a paradox that comes with sharing knowledge with your audience. The more knowledge and value you give away, the more people will buy your services.

Here’s an example.

You already noticed that I’m really going all in with the valuable emails you’ve been getting from me. I’m answering specific questions you’ve been asking me over email (thanks for all the emails, guys!), I’m diving deep into the problems you’re struggling with (again, thanks for the emails!) and trying to help you as much as possible.

I’m sharing all that value through email, Facebook PageTwitter profile.

Some of you might even think I’m completely crazy to give that knowledge away for free.

But my business has been growing rapidly this January. Remember the email I sent 2 weeks ago about having 1 more slot open for Super Spicy Sessions in January? 1 week after that email went out I’m close to selling out the whole February.

Not only that, I’ve closed news clients as well which ramped up my revenue greatly! All because I started to share the knowledge and people wanted more.

They wanted to hear what I have to say about their social media strategy. They wanted me to apply my knowledge to their business. They wanted to hear personalised advice, not generalised that leads to nowhere.

So here’s what I want you to do.

How to implement more ‘knowledge’ in your strategy?

What’s the question your audience keeps asking you over and over again? What’s the #1 problem they’re struggling with? What’s the problem you can solve with your advice?

Write about those problems. Answer the really painful questions they have. Solve problems that keep them up at night.

Then dive deeper into those problems. Are the causes for all that trouble they’ve been going through elsewhere?

Instead of being a promotional machine, be the problem-solving machine on social media. You’re building and cementing your authority with this approach.

Apply that into your strategy and see it for yourself how it’ll unravel.

Next steps

I want to get better results from social media —> I need new tools

This is a path you don’t want to walk on. Tools can be good, but they shouldn’t be an easy fix to deeper problems your social media presence is experiencing.

Give your social media a little bit of:

  • Personality
  • Honesty
  • Knowledge

Personality is going to help you stand out from the flood of similar people.

Honesty is going to win you the respect of your audience.

Knowledge is going to build your authority and make people want more of what you have to offer.

Implement these social media ‘tools’ in your strategy. Prepare 3 social media updates for each of these ‘tools’ and publish them on different days. Come back with results. 🙂

Question time

Do you struggle with implementing Personality, Honesty and Knowledge into your strategy? What small step can you do today to make that easier? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Julie Cabezas

    Awesome post Mojca! Especially the robot vs. person. I totally agree! Your content is always spot-on.

    • Mojca Marš

      Julie, thank you so much! P.s. That robot on the image is kinda cute, right? 😉