Best Instagram Hashtags

What’s the fastest way of getting new likes and followers on Instagram organically? Hashtags.

It’s no secret anymore that hashtags are an incredibly effective way of getting more exposure.

That said, there are a couple of rules you should follow when using hashtags to grow your Instagram audience and increase your likes.

Use popular (but not overused!) hashtags

Small brands are making a big mistake with inventing their own hashtags. Don’t get me wrong, doing that makes sense from the start — you want your hashtag to go viral; you want other people to use it as well.

But that can be a tough nut to crack at the beginning if you don’t have a couple of hundred thousand followers.

Inventing your hashtags with a strong wish of that hashtag going viral is not a strategy you want to begin with. There’s less than 1% chance you’ll make it. Even the biggest brands don’t always make it.

You can guarantee new likes and followers with a different approach. Sure, maybe that approach ain’t that sexy as inventing your own hashtag, but it gets the job done.

Instead of inventing your own, use hashtags that are already popular and regularly used and attract people who are searching for that kind of content online.

But be careful — the most effective hashtags are usually not the most popular ones, those are already overused. Find that sweet spot between a viral hashtag that still attracts quality leads.

Want a collection of those hashtags, arranged by categories? You can download it here!

Best Instagram Hashtags

Relevant hashtags

Sure, we all want to grow our audiences as fast as possible. But that shouldn’t be at the price of a quality audience.

Avoid irrelevant hashtags, such as:

  • #follow,
  • #followme,
  • #tagforlikes,
  • #likeforlike,
  • etc.

Including those hashtags in your post will result in likes from bots and people, not genuinely interested in your content.

All they care about is getting likes, no matter who they are from. Don’t be one of them.

But if you use relevant hashtags such as #mothernature when you post a photo of a mountain or #fitlife when you post a photo that’s fitness related, then you’ll only attract people interested in that specific content.

Maybe those people are nature lovers, searching quality photos of nature. Or maybe they’re fitness enthusiasts, looking for some motivation.

Quality beats quantity. Every time.

Don’t overdo it

The more hashtags you use, the more likes will your photo get. Because of that brands naturally include as many hashtags as possible. The maximum is 30, so why should they use less of them?

My opinion is different, though. There’s a healthy amount of hashtags, and there’s an I’m-in-it-just-for-the-likes amount of hashtags that leaves your audience feeling a little undervalued.

Therefore, I use only maximum 15 hashtags a post; I usually even settle down between 5-10 hashtags.

15 hashtags will go a loooooong way without making your followers and other observers feel they’re just an unimportant number.

Because they shouldn’t be.

Put your hashtags in a comment

Instagram users absolutely hate it when companies and brands clutter the photo descriptions with a massive amount of hashtags. There’s a simple solution to that problem — just put them in a comment!

Hashtags will have the exact same effect on your posts — you’ll reach a new audience that searches for great content with specific keywords that spark their interests. But you’ll do that without cluttering the description of your photo.

Remember this

While Instagram hashtags sound like a dream come true to those who want to get new followers and increase photo likes, it’s important to keep in mind that they don’t have the ability to solve your content if it’s a bad one.

Instagram hashtags work best if you have great photos to along with. But they won’t get you new followers and likes without having that in order.

So go ahead and take your phone out. Now.

Make a couple of great photos. (It’s easier than it sounds.)

Post your photo on Instagram, edit it a little bit and paste a couple of relevant hashtags in a comment.

See what happens. I dare you.

Which hashtags to use?

Not sure which hashtags will get you the most likes and followers? Download my free 100+ Best Instagram Hashtags cheat sheet!

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